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About Isabella Erickson & Recumbentikelab.com

I’m Isabella Lebel 3 trainer, who Created Isabella Fitness & Recumbent Bikelab. I started my exercise regiment going to retro fitness a few times a week; there I met Adonis and Mo.

Our friendship developed there and after a time it was recommended to me by Mo to participate in a boot camp class that was being held at the Sayreville high school and was conducted by friends.

From the very start of fitness training, I had to struggle in order to achieve proper form, positioning, and sustain stamina to get through the session. The commitment to myself is unstoppable.

Isabella fitness

Isabella Fitness

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Ben Isabella

Copywriter & Trainer

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If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You Feel free to mail me by using our contact us or about us page. I must reply to every mail and try to my level best to help you with your recumbent-bike problems.

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