How to Choose the Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

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Exercise and fitness are about being mental, physically, and emotionally prepared. CrossFit requires resilience, determination, and discipline. However, when you have all that, and you lack the ideal training kit then it can be a real challenge to achieve your goals in CrossFit challenge. Getting yourself the best CrossFit shoes for men is one of the essential steps in getting prepared. The challenge, however, is getting the right shoes that will increase your performance, agility, resilience, and even your psyche.

Some tips to help you choose the best CrossFit shoes for men:

 Your training routine

The best athletes know the weaknesses and how to finesse around it and fit it. CrossFit requires balance in all the workout areas, and there are CrossFit shoes designed to facilitate various workout routines. CrossFit shoes are designed to provide maximum support for cardiovascular fitness (running), weightlifting, and gymnastics. The best shoe choice will depend on the area that you want to focus on.

Weightlifting CrossFit shoes are designed with a low drop to maximize its stability and also have reinforced heel cups to avoid injuries. It also has extra cushioning to reduce the pressure points on your body during weightlifting. On the other hand, gymnastics shoes are lightweight, breathable, and has extra protection. Running CrossFit shoes have a high drop to absorb the shock that results from an intense output.


Your shoes become part of you when you are in a CrossFit training or challenge. It, therefore, becomes imperative that you feel very comfortable with the shoe that you are wearing. The first step is you get the right shoe size; you don’t want a shoe that’s too big that you might slip in it during your routine or too small that it makes you uncomfortable.

Your foot type will also determine the comfortability of the shoes that you get. The feet’s arches have to comfortably fit in the shoe to avoid any cases of over pronation.

Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

The drop

The science behind the drop of your CrossFit shoe is amazing because they are designed to be all-around. The drop is the heel-to-toe difference, and it helps in the even distribution of your bodyweight on your feet during vigorous exercise. The drop of your shoe is therefore very essential because it increases your performance.

However, the appropriate shoe drop is determined by the workout you are focusing on. Most runners prefer shoes with high drop because they land on their forefoot during the activity making it easier for them to increase their speed and maintain their balance.

Are you going with all-terrain or specified

Some athletes have more than one pair of CrossFit shoes read for each challenge. Although it can increase your performance, it’s also expensive, and any athlete knows switching shoes between sessions take a little part of you. So when you know which option you are going for, it makes it easier for you to choose the best shoe for you. you have to know also how should cycling shoes fit you.

When you are searching for one overall pair, then you need to test all the metrics to ensure that you will not fall out because of an inconsistent shoe. Choose a shoe that has a high rated performance on all the physical routines you will engage.

The purpose of the shoe

There is a major difference between an athlete who is preparing for a competition and someone who is training for the love of the sport. When you are training for a competition, you want to strengthen your weak areas as fast as possible. You will have to go for more specialized shoes to increase performance on your vulnerable areas and also make the transition harmonious for you.

Your physical fitness

CrossFit athletes are at high risk of developing injuries compared to other sports. However, an injury does not mean you are out of the field forever. The type of CrossFit shoes that you choose during your recovery period is very important. For athletes who experience back injuries, CrossFit shoes with a high drop may be the best thing for them because it minimalizes the pressure points on your spine especially during weightlifting.

Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

The material of the shoe

CrossFit shoes are awesome because they focus on increasing the performance of the athlete. However, apart from the stability, comfortability, weight, and breathability of the shoe, it is also essential to evaluate the sole and outer shoe material. The material has to endure all sorts of environments without altering its performance because CrossFit challenge is a wild card sport.

The traction on top is as vital as traction at the bottom of your shoe. The outer material has to ensure that your feet remain dry and the inner material should have the ability to absorb sweat to ensure your feet are dry.

The bottom line is that your needs will determine the best CrossFit shoes for you. Getting a single pair of well-balanced CrossFit shoes gives you an equal chance to balance all the workout areas. But if you need to specify, now you know what to do.

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