The 5 Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors & Touring in 2021

best recumbent trikes

Recumbent trikes can be very fun to ride. These trikes can be used to ride on unpaved roads or anywhere you want. The feature which separates trikes from bikes is that they have three wheels. Recumbent trikes allow a rider to lay back in a comfortable position that supports your spine and then ride a bike. The article will help you find the best recumbent trike for the money, seniors, adults, and beginners.

It can be hard to find the perfect recumbent trike suiting your taste. One often does not know; which trike suits him/her the best. For this reason, you will find a detailed analysis on different kinds of trikes in this article and how they can be useful for you. table of best recumbent trike for seniors in 2021.

Comparison of Best Recumbent Trikes in 2021

Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike | Youth Cruiser Tricycle
Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike | Youth Cruiser Tricycle
  • Brand: Mobo Cruiser
  • Size: 16-Inch
  • Color: Blue
  • Frame Material: Steel
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Mobo Triton Pro Recumbent Trike | Beach Cruiser Tricycle for All
Mobo Triton Pro Recumbent Trike | Beach Cruiser Tricycle for All
  • 3-wheel recumbent bike enjoys the outdoors.
  • Low impact exercise get a cardiovascular workout.
  • No balance required low center of gravity.
  • Large & small riders easily adjust to fit.
  • Mobo cruiser is a us company.
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Youth Cruiser Tricycle
Mobo Triton Recumbent Trike | Kids & Youth Cruiser Tricycle
Mobo Triton Recumbent Trike | Kids & Youth Cruiser Tricycle
  • Kids recumbent bike
  • No balance required
  • Low impact exercise
  • Large & small riders
  • Durable
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Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike.
Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike.
  • Single-speed with reverse function
  • Hand caliper brake; emergency brake system
  • Cushioned seat 12″ above the ground.
  • 20″ front 16″ rear inflatable rubber tires
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Top Pick
Trident Adult Recumbent Tricycle
Trident Adult Recumbent Tricycle
  • Brand: True Decor
  • Frame Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Brake Style: Disc
  • Number of Speeds: 24
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3 Steps to Choosing The Best Recumbent Trike for the Money

Purchasing a trike can be hard Most people cannot find a suitable trike for themselves, which is why these three simple steps will help you to buy the best recumbent trike for seniors.

  1. The first thing: you need to check is the person for whom you are buying the trike. There are different bikes in the market for people of various sizes. So, you would want to take the size into consideration and make sure that you buy a trike that supports your size.
  2. The second thing: you need to look for in recumbent trikes is the comfort provided by these trikes. A recumbent trike should be able to provide easy of every kind to your shoulders and arms. An ideal recumbent trike is the one, which does not put a strain on your arms and shoulders and allows for easy cardiovascular exercises.
  3. The last thing: Make sure to check the price of the trike. You should always buy a product, which provides the most set of features for its price. Buying overpriced items will only cause problems for you. So, make sure to read the reviews thoroughly and then buy the product which suits your price range the best.

To help you further, a list of recumbent trikes in the market is given below. You can find information on the recumbent trike for beginners in this article. These recumbent trikes can be used by kids, adults, and seniors.

Review of Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors

1. Top Pick: Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

Mobo Cruiser Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for men & women. Beach Cruiser...

The mobo triton is mostly used by the adults to ride. The trike comes with a comfortable steering style, which reduces the stress on one’s shoulders and arms. The trike has adult pedaling, which allows you to ride the bike on paved roads. You can also ride the on ways which are slightly upward.  

The features which stand out for this bike are its unique steering system and its HI-ten steel frame, which allows the trike to be more durable. The sturdy frame allows the trike to work for a more extended period.

The bike has been made as to the recumbent trike for seniors. The lower amount of stress on your arms and shoulders allow you to ride the bike without any strain. If you have a bad back or shoulders, you do not need to worry anymore as mobo triton will provide you with the best features to have fun without straining your back. 

The trike overall had more liking to it than most of the other trikes on the market. It can take some time to assemble, but after you are done with it, the bike does not require any mechanical maintenance. It is incredibly maneuverable and thus allows you to take turns easily for its size.

The trike is also helpful in getting upper body workouts without straining them much. It is excellent for light workouts so that you can get the maximum exercise while having fun. If you are looking for a bike for touring, then this might be the best recumbent trike for touring.

  • Exerts less stress on shoulders and arms
  • Allows low-stress cardiovascular exercise
  • The trike requires no balance
  • Adjustable frame
  • People over 6 feet have complained it to be too small for their size
  • The bike is not that fast

2. Runner-up: Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike. Reversible Adult Tricycle Bike

No products found.

The feature which highlights the trike the most is the fact that the trike can be reversed. It is the first-ever three-wheeled trike that can be reversed.  The feature of the bike allows it to stand out and introduce great maneuverability to the trike.

The trike has a very comfortable seat and steering like all the other models of the mojo series.  It comes with an adjustable frame, which allows the bike to be used by people with sizes between 4 feet and 6’3. The frame is also guaranteed to be very strong and thus has more extended durability.

 The back seat of the trike is made so that it can be adjusted according to your liking. The rear seat can be adjusted to various angles providing the comfort of any kind needed. The trike comes with dual hand joysticks so that no balancing is required. The trike can be controlled with even simple movements of your hand.

The trike will enhance your exercise routine by exerting less strain on your muscles. The trike is just perfect for people who need a more comfortable ride than a recumbent bicycle.

  • Reverse gear is included to increase maneuverability
  • The trike has longer durability
  • Comfortable seating
  • Adjustable
  • Some users have complained about it to be not very suitable for adults
  • The trike is for level sized surfaces
  • The trike is a little expensive

3. Trident Adult Recumbent Tricycle

Trident Adult Recumbent Tricycle

The trident adult tricycle is known for its durable frame. The frame is built using top-notch material and is guaranteed to last for very long. The trike provides a fun ride with as much comfort as one needs to ride a bike. The comfortable design supports your back and puts a very small strain on your shoulders.

The trike is meant for adults, but it can be used by people of different sizes. The trike also has a foldable frame, which allows for the bike to be transported easily to a different location with small storage spaces. You can take this trike with you at a park or a cycling track easily. The foldable design allows you to accommodate the trike easily. The foldable design makes it the recumbent trike for touring.

The folding of the trike does not take long too. It takes about a minute to fold the bike and then unfold it. The product will save your time with its easy foldable design. The bike has excellent maneuverability and can be easily handled. It provides a very smooth ride. The product is still relatively new to the market. Thus far, it has proved to be very promising. The easily foldable design has been loved by most of the users.

The trident has a one-hand handle and is balanced quite perfectly. The trike can be handled with ease by one hand only. Even at higher speeds, the trike provides great handling for a one-hand handle.  Due to this handling, the ride is considered to be the recumbent for seniors.

  • This product can be transferred from one place to another easily
  • The one handle grip provides less strain on shoulders
  • Easy to store at places with a small area
  • The trike can be folded easily
  • Higher speeds can be difficult to achieve with this trike.
  • The bike has no pedal steer

4. Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike – Recumbent Trike for Youth

Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike. Kids 3-Wheel Bike. Youth Cruiser...

Mobo triton goes kart is the perfect trike for people with younger ages. The trike is an ideal ride for your kids. The design is made so that the children can ride the trike easily. It can be really easy to ride. The trike is made so that it can be used for cruising and exercising. The bike is recommended to ride on flat and paved surfaces only. It can also be ridden of gently sloping terrain.

The trike has a unique steering system. It has a rear-wheel steering system. This will allow the user to improve the coordination between the hands and the eyes. It also targets arm and leg muscles so that the strength in those muscles is increased. The trike will provide a well-rounded exercise machine.

The trike has an adjustable frame. This adjustable frame can be extended according to the height of the user. Thus, a wide range of clients can use this trike.

The bike can be considered as one of the recumbent trikes for beginners. The trike comes with a secure, reclined seat. The seat will allow your kids to stay perfectly balanced on the trike. Moreover, the trike does not require any balancing at all. It has a low center of gravity, which will allow the user to ride the bike with relative ease.

  • The trike has rear steering helping out with the arm strengthening exercises.
  • The trike can be used by both adults and kids alike.
  • It has comfortable seating for kids.
  • It can be used on paved roads only
  • The bike has a slow speed

5. Mobo Mobito Kids 3 Wheel Bike – Recumbent Trike for Child’s

No products found.

The mobo mobito is a tricycle, which is designed specifically for kids. The trike has an adjustable seat, which can be adjusted at different angles. If you are looking for a fun ride for your kids, then you might want to look into this product. 

The bike is designed for your kids so that they could get in a little exercise while having fun. It has an adjustable which can be adjusted for kids with different sizes. These sizes can range up to 4 feet and 8 inches tall.

The bike comes with rear-wheel steering and has adjustable frames. It also has an adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted to six different angles so that you can the most comfortable angle for yourself. The riding experience is made fun with these features.

The bike had very positive overall and is suggested for most of the users. If you are looking for a trike for your kid to begin cycling with, then this is the product you want to go for. The Mobo mobito is so far the best recumbent trike for seniors.

  • The trike comes with a durable frame
  • It has a unique steering system
  • It has an adjustable seat
  • Some people found the bike unstable
  • The bike can be hard to pedal
The 5 Best Recumbent Trikes

Recumbent Trikes (FAQ’S)

Are recumbent trikes safe?

Recumbent trikes are probably the safest means of transport. Most of the recumbent trikes on the market require no balancing at all. The bikes are safe as long as the safety instructions are followed.

How fast is a recumbent trike?

The average speed of a recumbent trike is 11 to 15mph on the road.

How do you transport a recumbent trike?

Most of the recumbent in the market are foldable and thus are easy to transport. The foldable bikes can be easily transported by fitting in the back of your car.  If you got a bike which is not foldable, then it can be hard to transport. You need to use a rear rack that straps to the trunk to transport a non-foldable trike.

Recumbent Bikes vs. Trikes

 The main difference between bikes and trikes is that trikes have three wheels. Trikes are relatively easier to ride and provide more comfort than a bike. A bike can be hard to ride in an upright position. A trike also helps in light exercises and requires less effort to ride.  


The trikes are the best in the market so far for the money. These rides provide the most set of features in relatively costs lower than other products in the market.

The article is supposed to provide a detailed analysis on the best recumbent trikes for the money on the market and a guide to buy those items.  The article covers trikes which are considered as a recumbent trike for touring as well as the best recumbent trike for seniors. The following steps can help you find the ideal trike for you.

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