9 Best Surfboard Bike Racks for Surfboard Rider

Best Surfboard Bike Racks

Having a beach near your house can be an ideal situation. The smell of the sea, the appealing sound of waves, and beautiful sun can entice you to grab your surfboard. It can’t be easy because you have to transport essential objects to the nearest beach.

Fortunately, you can use the best surfboard bike racks to transport your surfboard. No doubt, surfboards are heavy to carry; therefore, the use of bike racks can be a good idea. You can use three methods to transport surfboards on bikes, such as upright-mounted, rear-mounted, and side-mounted.

To make things easy for you, we are going to review the best surfboard bike racks available in the market. You can choose one of them as per your needs.

Comparison of Best Surfboard Bike Racks

ImageProduct TitleRatingPrice
Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards
  • Carver csr max bike rack surfboard carrier black
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Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
  • Moved by bikes
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Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack. Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack.
  • Tool free quick release bars.
  • Quick and easy seatpost mounting.
  • For surfboards up to 7′.
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Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack - Cruise to Your Surf Spot Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack – Cruise to Your Surf Spot
  • safely transport your surfboard with your bike
  • works with all types of bikes
  • lightweight and strong aluminum construction
  • quick and easy installation 
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Codinter Surfboard Bike Rack Codinter Surfboard Bike Rack
  • Side-mounted most popular way of driving a bicycle
  • Universal use works with all types of bikes 
  • Easy and safety simply clamp it to your seat post
  • Stable quality strong aluminum construction
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Top 9 Surfboard Bike Racks Review

1. Moved By Bikes Shortboard – Best Surfboard Bike Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack.
100 Reviews
Moved By Bikes MBB Shortboard Surfboard Bicycle Rack.
  • Tool free quick release bars.
  • Quick and easy seatpost mounting.
  • For Surfboards up to 7'.

Moved By Bikes offers a simple and efficient solution to carry surfboards. These racks are made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum materials; therefore, they have corrosion and rust resistance. Feel free to pedal your way to coastal areas for surfing.

The U-Shaped bike racks are suitable for shortboards and longboards. Its durable design may carry almost 25 pounds; therefore, you can easily ride your bike with it. The package comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.

You can easily remove this bike rack with a quick-release button. It comes with padded foam arms to protect your surfboard from damages.

  • Quick-release system
  • Modifiable arm height
  • Durable, strong and lightweight
  • Convenient to install
  • Low height and weight limit

2. Carver Surfboard – Best Shortboard Bike Rack

Carver Surfboard Bike Rack - Shortboard
71 Reviews
Carver Surfboard Bike Rack - Shortboard
  • Holds short board up to 8ft board
  • Made of non rust material
  • Fits on any regualr size bike seat post
  • Board Gallery gives this item 2 thumbs up!

Carver Surfboard bike racks feature an aluminum all-welded alloy. With corrosion and rust resistance, it has a durable design. The foam-padded tubular arms will protect your bike and board from scratches.

Mount this rack comfortably on the seat post of the bike. With its lower adaptable arm, it is possible to fit the board safely and securely. You can fit an 8 feet board on this rack. The simple and sleek design can protect the frame of your bike.

  • TIG 6061 aluminum welded alloy rack
  • Rubberized calms for protection of seat posts
  • Lightweight rack
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting hardware is included in the package
  • Uncertainty on longboards
  • Need periodic readjustment

3. Moved By Bikes MBB – Best Longboard Bike Rack

Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack
306 Reviews

If you need a durable and lightweight surfboard rack, you can buy this model of Moved By Bikes. It is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. In the presence of aluminum, this rack will not rust.

It is an affordable longboard rack with more than 12 feet in length. Mount this rack to head tube and back rack qr Seatpost. Arms can be easily removed, adjusted, and mounted with some push buttons. The rack ends feature loops for dog leash.

MBB features some distinctive structures in alignment. You will need a wrench to install this rack.

  • Mountable on lower adjustable arms and back seat rack/post
  • Tubes come with foam padding
  • Recommended for almost 12 feet and 25 pounds boards
  • Good for light paddleboards

4. Carver Surf Rack – Max CSR for Longboards

Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards
77 Reviews
Carver Surf Rack- CSR Max for Longboards
  • Carver CSR Max Bike Rack Surfboard Carrier Black

Carver Surf rack is suitable for longboards. You can mount this integrated rack to the rear of standard bikes. It is designed with solid aluminum to resist oxidation. The filling in the aluminum tube makes it secure for your board.

You can buy different racks for configurations and boards of dissimilar sizes. This rack can fit into tables of almost 10 feet long and 4 inches thick. It is incredibly comfortable for you to drive with it.

The frame of the rack is suitable for bikes and cruisers without any suspension. Extraordinary carrier system helps you to transport a surfboard to the coast.

  • 6061 TIG welded alloy
  • Curved aluminum paddle for arms holding
  • Lower arms are adjustable
  • Rubberized clamps
  • Durable design for non-suspension bikes
  • Complete installation hardware
  • Some problems with tail and nose of paddleboard

5. Ho Stevie Bike Surfboard Rack

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack - Cruise to Your Surf Spot [Choose...
220 Reviews
Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack - Cruise to Your Surf Spot [Choose...
  • SAFELY TRANSPORT YOUR SURFBOARD with your bike, the eco-friendly way... Mother Nature will thank you 😉
  • WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF BIKES - Beach Cruisers, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, BMX Bikes. Not recommended for lightweight seat posts (titanium or carbon fiber)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and STRONG ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION won't rust or corrode. And because the color is "anodized" into the aluminum, it won't chip off like paint.
  • Never worry about finding a parking spot, or paying for parking, when you bike to your surf spot.
  • QUICK and EASY INSTALLATION - Simply clamp it to your seat post (hardware and instructions included)

Ho Stevie surfboard is a solid bike rack for your surfboards. It is designed from corrosion and rust-free aluminum materials. With anodized color, it will not chip off like paint. To protect a surfboard from dings and scratches, its arms are covered with foam.

It can handle an 8 ft long board with the racks along with seat posts. They have bungee cords that you can wrap around your surfboard. Feel free to adjust the arms of the carrier as per your comfort. The process of mounting is simple and easy.

Feel free to attach it to any bike with one single clamp to the seat post. The package has all instructions and mounting hardware.

  • Rotatable arms to make things easy without a surfboard
  • Heavy-duty and thick bars are lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Maneuvering can be a challenge for the boards over 8 ft

6. Carver Surf Rack Mini CSR Black

Carver Surf Rack CSR Mini Black Small
14 Reviews
Carver Surf Rack CSR Mini Black Small
  • Carver Surf Rack CSR Mini Black Small

Carver Surfboard mini CSR rack is different than others for its use and installation. You can get the advantage of a single installation point. It comes with handy bungee cords and durable material.

In the presence of 6061 TIG-welded alloy, there is no need to worry about rusting and corrosion. It is designed to protect your surfboard from scratches, marks, and dings. You can easily remove it if you don’t have to carry a surfboard.

  • Strong, stable design for every bike
  • High-quality hardware and lightweight metal alloy
  • Free from rusting
  • Easy incitation from a single point
  • Pre-installed bungee cords
  • May not fit each type of bike

7. Carver Scooter CSR Surf Rack Moped

Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack (Moped)
42 Reviews
Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack (Moped)
  • Mounts to mopeds and scooters
  • Tig Welded 6061 Alloy
  • No Rust
  • Fits Small and Larger Boards
  • Looks Great!

Carver Scooter CSR is a suitable rack for fast movers. After securing a board, your ride will be safe. It comes with a soft cradle to tightly hold your board. With the use of a Carver surf rack, you can ride comfortably.

It is equally good for shortboard and longboard. This rack is specifically designed to carry securely and safely. With the use of a bungee cord, you can attach your surfboard securely. The rack features one clamping plate to attach under the seat.

  • Mounts to scooters and mopeds
  • No rust
  • 6061 Tig Welded Alloy
  • Fits small and large boards
  • May not accommodate every scooter frame

8. Bike Balance Surfboard Bike Rack

Bike Balance Surfboard Rack Kit
18 Reviews
Bike Balance Surfboard Rack Kit
  • Attaches surfboard to bike; no rust; easy to install; rear mount design
  • Fits most single and multi-speed bicycles
  • Carry up to two shortboards; adjustable for any board or rider
  • Installation hardware included; easy to maneuver through traffic; won't scatch or mark your surfboard or bike
  • Made of strong and durable Tig welded 6061 aluminum

The Bike Balance rack is ultra-strong and affordable. It is designed with aircraft aluminum and special stainless steel components. This material can withstand natural elements of coastal areas. These racks are sturdy and strong to hold up almost two shortboards.

This rack is ergonomically designed for rear-mounting. With this rack, you can move around bad traffic and narrow roads with ease. The special cradle arms can keep your surfboards tight and firm. It comes with a complete instructional guide.

  • Adjustable arms to hold the board securely
  • Riders can pedal comfortably
  • Easy to move through narrow roads and traffic
  • May create problems during breezy days
  • Not good for bikes with back suspension and disc brakes

9. Moved By Bikes Rear Rack MBB Surfboard Long

No products found.

Moved by Bikes offers a particular payload and durable rack for surfboards. It features LongAnodized tubes of aluminum with strong stainless steel design. You can attach it to the headtube, rear rack or seat tube.

With a quick-release design, unloading and loading of the board will be easy. Feel free to remove this rack from your bike as per your convenience. The foam padding on the headtube prevents damages to surfboards. It is ideal for 12ft long and 25 pounds heavy board.

  • Payload bike rack
  • Great for long surfboards
  • Padded tubes to prevent scratches on the board
  • May not work for long surfboards

How to choose the Best Surfboard Bike Racks?

The selection of the best surfboard bike racks can be complicated. To make things easy, it is essential to consider all these essential elements.

How to choose Best Surfboard Bike Racks
How to choose Best Surfboard Bike Racks

Size of Surfboard

Before purchasing a rack, you have to consider the size of your surfboard. Remember, you can’t use a rack for every type of board. Surfboards are available into three different sizes, such as sup paddle boards, long boards, and short boards. Remember, sup paddle boards are vast and need special racks.

Types of Surfboard Bike Rack

Surfboard racks are available in three types. It can be an essential factor in the selection of a bike rack. The three significant types are trailer-mounted, rear-mounted, and side-mounted. Remember, rear, and side-mounted racks are common.

Side-mounted surfboard racks are famous for installing on the side of a bike, and it works really well. You will find them great for longboards and shortboards. Rear-mounted surfboard racks are installed at the back of your bike. This type is ideal for carrying shortboards.

Trailer-mounted bike racks are famous among bikers and surfers. These wheeled devices are attached at the rear of your bike. You can use them for sup paddleboards and longboards.

Convenience of Installation

It is easy to install a surfboard rack on your bike. You have to consider points for their installation to increase their safety. Make sure to purchase a rack that fits your bicycle perfectly. You have to check the presence of clip-on or elements for permanent installation.

Fabrication and Materials

Before purchasing a metal surfboard rack, you should think twice. No doubt, these racks are durable and sturdy but can be heavy for riders to handle. Make sure to purchase a lightweight and robust bike rack.

Keep it in mind that your boards will remain in contact with salty water. For this reason, choose a rack that has resistant to corrosion and rust.

Accessories to Purchase Along with Surfboard Bike Racks

Make sure to buy a rack with a bungee cord to secure your surfboard rack. With a bungee cord, you can manage a stronghold on surfboards. They offer extra security when you pedal on bumpy roads.

If you don’t have a bungee cord along with your surfboard, you can purchase them separately. These are available in different lengths, colors, and sizes. A strong bungee cord can make your life easy.

FAQs for Surfboard Bike Racks

Which one is best between the rear rack and side rack?

Side racks are commonly used types for surfboards. This board can fit perfectly on the side of your bike for security and safety. If a surfboard is attached to the side and pointing towards the wind, it creates less resistance as per aerodynamics.

You can pedal easily with a side rack because the wind may not blow off your board. Moreover, it is not bad to mount your board to the rear of the bike. It will sit behind your rear at a particular angle.

A rear rack will not increase the width of a bike; therefore, you can transverse easily through narrow streets, boardwalks, and crowded roads. Unfortunately, rear racks may get caught by wind and gust, and the rider can lose control of his/her balance.

Can I use surfboard racks in the mountains?

Yes, users often buy surfboard racks for hills. It is affordable to ride uphill with a surfboard. The bars on racks contain gripping materials to offer a stronghold on the surfboards on slopes. They can’t slip when riding on smooth surfaces.

Things can be shaky and bumpy on hills; therefore, prefer using a bungee cord. A bungee cord can increase the security of your surfboard.

What is the impact of wind on surfboard racks?

Wind can disturb your balance; therefore, buy a bike rack that can’t go against the strong wind. Side-mounted racks are suitable for riders. Moreover, ride with a board pointing to the wind to decrease the chances of accidents.

Is it difficult to install a surfboard rack?

No, it is easy to install a surfboard bike rack. Fortunately, you will get a set of guidelines from each manufacturer. Instructional videos and written guides are available to install these racks. Their installation method is almost similar.

What are the famous brands for surfboard bike racks?

You will find several brands in the market, such as Ho Stevie, MBB, Carver, and Bike Balance. Feel free to consider any brand to buy the best bike rack for your surfboard. A surfboard biker rack should have the capacity to hold your surfboard tightly.

How to choose rust and corrosion-free surfboard bike rack?

Nowadays, famous brands are using superior quality tubes made of stainless steel and aluminum hardware material. These can withstand the natural elements of coastal areas and oxidation.

What do I need after purchasing a rack?

After purchasing the best surfboard bike rack, you will not need any other hardware. The racks are available with important installation hardware. These can accommodate the configuration of frames and variations of sizes in the head tube.

Well-padded tubes can help you to prevent damages to your surfboard. If you want to mount a short or longboard, make sure to choose a rack that can hold the board strongly without wobbling movements.

What is the ideal size of a bike rack?

Before purchasing a bike rack, you have to consider the height of the surfboard and instructions of manufacturers. Some racks are designed to hold almost 8 feet high surfboard. Make sure to avoid the use of longboards than a recommended size.

Ignoring the recommendation for size can make it challenging for you to transport and mount. Some surfboard bike racks are for single speed and multi-speed bikes. You have to check the instructions of the manufacturer before investing money.

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As a beginner or a pro-surfer, you have to transport your surfboard to the beach with your bike. Things will become easy with the use of a surfboard biker ack. It will keep your hands-free while protecting your surfboard.

In the presence of the best surfboard bike racks, there is no need to bear the weight of your heavy surfboard. Try to buy the best rack for your surfboard because it is challenging to ride a bike with a wrong board.

A heavy rack can make things difficult for you. Moreover, it is not safe to ride on the road with the wrong surfboard. You can choose any one of these surfboards mentioned in this article. For instance, Moved By Bikes, Carver, and Bike Balance offer some best racks for surfboards.

Ho Stevie is a bestselling brand to transport almost 8 feet longboards. You can adjust its carrier arms as per your surfboard and bike. After getting the best biker rack, you can ride safely in the middle of a busy road. Make sure to consider the size of your surfboard before selecting a rack.

Bike Balance surfboard rack can be a versatile addition because it can carry two different shortboards. The rider can make adjustments as per his/her convenience. 

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