The Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike Review of 2021

Buckle yourself to have a healthy metabolic burn a ride on Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike. It is not just a bike; it has all the super good features in it that add value to exercise bikes.

Features like energetic pedals, height adjustable seat, 20 pre-programmed workout options, LCD, other modern machine tools made it worth award-winning. It also comprises of heart rate monitor, shows your burned calories in real-time feedback.

For your entertainment, it has an MP3 input, water bottle holder, magazine shelf. For carrying purpose, you have wheels on it. All these features can be attained at a reasonable price.

Diamondback 510SR  Features at a glance:

  • Adjustable back: The back of the seat can be adjusted according to the height of a person, which makes it easy to use.
  • Transport wheels: You can take it along wherever you want to because of the transport wheels.
  • Heart rate sensors: Sensors to contact the heart rate are embedded on the machine, which will help in achieving targeted heart rate and fat burn.
  • Entertainment facilities: Enjoy your favorite fitness magazine, favorite music, or maybe a few sips of juice or water while riding this bike.
  • Eddy current brakes: Enjoy smooth and reliable ride with ECB.
  • Adjustable console: Moveable console is a part of the eye-catching bike, which can be moved for easy readability.
  • Pre-programmed exercises and difficulty levels: It has got about 20 pre-programmed exercise routines that you can follow and 16 different difficulty levels from which you choose according to your ease.

Diamondback 510SR  Features in detail:

  • Best bike for commercial and non-commercial use: This bike is award-winning because it had some key features which make it worthy of this. With its stylish looks and brilliant design, having all the features of displays and programs. It is easily cleanable and moveable too.
  • The warranty says it all: The bike comes with a lifetime warranty which is enough to say about the reliability and durability of the product. Customers will get the lifetime warranty on Eddy Current Brakes and frame of the machine. 3 years warranty on Electronics, 90 days warranty on wearables makes it a market favorite.
  • Display and Programs: The bike contains a large backlit LCD which displays necessary information to the user. The display takes count of burned calories, heart rate, and time left of exercise and also shows distance covered all in real-time feedback. Programs consist of 20 different exercising routines as well as 16 resistance levels which help in making stamina stronger. Exercising in different styles on the same machine makes workout more fun and diversified.
  • The bike is for all: This bike is not specified to any type of user, rather it can be used by gym users, pregnant women, and patients with joints and knees problems for their rehabilitation. This bike is styled by keeping riders in mind, specially equipped with all fancy gadgets and programs for the use of all types of customers.
  • The different design makes it perfect: The bike has a special design to cover all the little details. Adjustable display, moveable seat, steel frame and still it is lightweight. The design ensures that users can easily sit on the bike because of its steps for better mounting on the bike. Quality makes it valuable to an essential have in your life. Because of its sleek and brilliant design, one can never miss their workout routine.


  • The bike has a great design, which makes it easy for the user to work out because of its look and feel.
  • Easy to control list of programs, and resistance levels make it more fun for the user to have a good workout.
  • A beautiful bold blue display screen that is adjustable makes it more readable for the user to track their information.
  • The cooling fans are there with two-speed options that keep the person cool and calm while exercising.
  • Designers kept in view the entertainment factor as well; hence, they included speakers, aux output, magazine rack and mp3 facility in it.
  • It comes with a classy warranty policy which makes it more wanted items to be added in the gym’s place.
  • It has an adjustable seat design and wheels for easy mobility.
  • It weighs only 125lbs but has the capacity to carry 300lbs of weight.
  • The bike can be afforded easily with all these factors.
  • The water bottle holder makes it sure that the person working out is completely hydrated.
  • This bike can be assembled with very easy instructions guide.


  • It might be difficult in use for heightened persons because the pedals are placed much distantly.
  • The most important flaw in this bike is that it lacks keeping a journal in the software. No tracking of your burnt calories in the machine, the person might have to write it down.
  • The person should make sure that he is holding the handles for 30 seconds because the programs won’t operate otherwise.
  • Heart rate monitoring machine cannot be further connected to heart rate chest monitor.
  • Cooling fans are not placed intelligently which might make them ineffective.
  • It might be a little heavy on your pocket.

Customer reviews:

The majority of the people using this bike are satisfied with its design and look. They also recommend to others at a high rating. It is also recommended for patients having health issues such as physiotherapy of knees and joints. People chose this model because of its great features. The only problem reported was it needed someone’s help to be carried on stairs.

Affordability factor:

The bike is a little expensive as it costs $799.00. But above all this, the features of this classy bike make it worth of each penny spent. Many online stores also provide the flair for free shipping in the USA all over. 

Final Verdict:

The bike is a great sport and fitness equipment comprising all the important features. Although, it is a little luxurious but the features of the bike say it all that luxury and fitness is not always handy in price. The product will be much more than your expectations once the customer starts using it.

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