What Everyone Must Know About Baby Care

There are a lot of things one must know about newborns and new parents can benefit from the knowledge of knowing how to handle and care for their newborn. Caring for your baby can be made easier when you know the few basics especially best jogging stroller about your new arrival.

Your Baby Will Look a Bit Funny After Birth

Sad to say but most babies come out looking like aliens and dowsed in a gooey layer of film and some babies even come out of the womb with a layer of body hair called lanugo. This is totally normal after being in the womb for nine months. Their eyes are often shut and a little sticky to begin with and his head might have a funny shape after being pushed through the birth canal. Don’t worry because this will all change and your baby will be looking as cute and beautiful as ever after only a few days.

The First Six Weeks Are The Hardest

Every parent knows it but the first six weeks are the hardest and the most tiring. Your baby is adjusting to being in the world and you are adjusting to your new life. Suddenly you have a huge responsibility and you are up all hours of the night feeding and changing diapers. Be prepared to go for days in dirty clothes, not have the time or energy for a shower and your house will probably be in a state of upheaval as well. It is an emotional and an exhausting time because your baby wants your comfort and will probably want to be attached to your 24/7. Don’t worry this will ease and after six weeks you might even get a smile or a few coos from your baby, it is well worth the effort when you get a toothless grin.

The Nasty-Looking Umbilical Cord…

We all love our babies but the umbilical cord can be a little scary and the worry of infection can be daunting for all new parents. The key is to keep it dry and will fall off a lot quicker. If it is kept dry then within two weeks it will fall off. Newborns don’t get dirty so sponge baths are quick, easy and mean their skin won’t dry out. Don’t worry if it bleeds a little, it is like a scab and it will heal over time. If it gets wet then simply pat it dry.

Dry Skin Is Normal In Newborns

You will notice that your baby will go from being soft and silky to something like a snake that peels its skin. This is normal because after all your baby has been soaking for nine months in fluid and is now getting used to the dry air. It will peel, it will flake and it will go back to normal. There is nothing you can do and it is best to avoid creams and medicines as they can possibly make it worse. Your pediatrician will keep an eye on any flaky skin but mostly it is the norm.

Newborns Sleep a Lot But At Short Intervals and It Does Get Better

Newborns will sleep a lot and will take two to three hour nap periods before waking for a feed and a change. This continues for about three months and by then they should start getting into a routine of not waking at night. These intervals can be as much as eight hours a night. It is OK to let your baby sleep as long as they have regained the weight they lost at birth.

For the next eighteen years you won’t get a lot of sleep, it is all about being a parent but rest assured those sleepless, long nights will be over before you know it.

If You Aren’t Sure…Ask

Any new parent will probably spend more time googling questions about their newborns than actually feeding and changing them. It is normal to worry about every small thing and it is OK to ask family, friends and even your doctor. Every baby is different and if you ever doubt something then ask someone. It will give you peace of mind and it means that next nap the baby takes you can take too instead of searching the web for what your baby’s poop should look like. Enjoy it because it goes to quick.

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