Review of Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

There have been many low-cost bikes produced by Exerpeutic which are suitable for many people who have a tight budget. The models include 400XL, 1000 XL and more.

By keeping the budget into consideration, Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike also fits the budget of many along with a lot of features. There are many options for a workout in this model with a moderate price.

It is an entry-level machine with a mid-price range for the people who want to work out at their home conveniently.

Here you will be able to find specifications and features of the Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike along with pros and cons. You will be able to decide better than the bike is worth grabbing your attention by the end of this review.

Features of Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

There are advanced features in this bike due to which people consider being a part of their daily routine life to stay fit and healthy. You will be able to find certain features that you can enjoy on this bike right after you purchase it. 

exerpeutic 4000


The first thing which you have to look for in the bike is the sturdiness. There are wide stabilizer bars on the bike which give you a firm footing option. It allows the bike to stay at one place without tilting or rocking at any side during the workout.

You stay stable and work out without any hesitation of getting hurt. The frame has a solid construction that keeps it away from cracking or movements as you are working out.

The end caps and the leveler is there for the half-frame to keep the bike in balance and when you get off, it provides you support. There is one year warranty of the frame as you purchase the bike so you can easily get any repairs if there is any maintenance later on.


The bike has a wide range of adjustability from the people between the height of 5ft till 6’2 feet tall. The adjustment of the seat does not take much time but you have to get off the bike and then loosen the knobs which are triangular on both sides.

The knob has a shape of L which you have to remove so that you can slide the seat conveniently to the position you wish to use the bike. When you are done with the positioning, you have to re-install the L shape knob to make the seat tighter so that it stays at its place while you are sitting and working out on it.

Make sure that the seat is stable and steady before you sit on it. It depends on your length that whether you will be able to reach the pedals in the front or not but this option gives you the huge range which can be used easily for any person in the house with different heights.


The resistance and control of the bike are through the console. There are 12 levels of resistance in the bike which let you bring it from light to heavy. You can change the resistance from the touch buttons on the screen to move up or down.

The amazing thing about this bike is that it offers magnetic resistance which is free of noise and does not want any maintenance on that end. You can change the levels without any disturbance and smoothly while working out.

The low levels lead to light pedaling and as you move higher, it gets heavy with requiring more effort for you to push and work out on it.

Drive Type

It has a v-belt drive type which keeps the balance in the flywheel. It helps you in pedaling smoothly and consistently with accurate motion. There is low maintenance and quietness while working on this machine.


The pedaling is stable and without any extra effort as you select the level by yourself on the display. The pedals are oversized so any size of the feet can fit in there.

The strap is flexible to allow a good grip on the foot of any size and does not let it slip.

Air Soft Seat With Air Chambers

Air Soft' Seat With Air Chambers

The seat of this bike is the most comfortable part. You can sit on it and exercise for hours without any swelling on your feet. It is oversized with airsoft material which keeps the air flowing as you are sitting and have the backrest.

The design of the seat keeps it cools so that you do not sweat over it and you feel light during the workout.

The handlebars are large with being on both sides so you can hold them while you are working out. You can also rest the arms on it and grip it in the vertical way to sense the pulse of the heart rate. As you rest the arms on the handlebars, it reduces the stress of working out and provides support to the shoulders and back.

Dust and Dirt

You do not have to clean the bike too much to keep it clean. The only thing you would have to clean is the sweat which may fall on the bike or on the floor after you work out.

You have to wipe off the sweat always to make sure that there are no bacteria left on the machine.


The machine is quiet during the operation of working out. You can work out even in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone in the house.

You have to control the noise of your breathing for sure otherwise the machine is free of noise.


Transportation storage

The bike is big and has the handlebars as well so you will not find it easier to store it into a small space. You need a large space to keep it secured. There are rollers which can help you in dragging the machine wherever you want but it is better to keep a designated room for it so that you go and work out in there.

It is better to keep it on the hard surface but you will have to test first that it does not scratch the flooring. Otherwise, it is fine to keep it on the carpeted area as well.

Exerpeutic 4000 Bike Review

Exerpeutic 4000 recumbent bike
Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent bike is a good price bike for you which works comfortably with the user. There are amazing features associated with this bike which makes it one of the top models to be considered.

It has well-balanced wheels which let you ride it quietly without disturbing anyone in the house.

The pedals are smooth and oversized with air soft seat. The seat can bear the weight of 365 lbs. which makes it suitable for different types of people to work out. There is 12 programs console to workout with a total of four heart rate dimensions in it.

This bike comes with Bluetooth technology which helps you in downloading any exercise data you want to work with through the application of Exerpeutic on your smartphone.

It provides you with tracking of your performance so that you stay motivated and keep on working out on it. When you know that your performance is good and it is making a difference, you would always want to take out time to work out on the machine.

The comfortable design of this machine available at a reasonable price makes it demanding and a great option for the people who are conscious of the budget.

The mid-range recumbent bike comes with high-quality features and helps you lose more than 10 pounds within a few weeks with consistent usage.

You can work out for hours with the airsoft seat without getting tired. It is easy to use the machine for any person whether it is an adult or an elderly person.


With the consistent new models of recumbent bikes by Exerpeutic, there has been a huge change in the lifestyle of people. It is one of the best bike models which they have introduced in a medium-range price which anyone can afford.

Whether you are heavy or lightweight, you can use this machine to stay fit. It helps you in losing weight and works quietly so you can exercise at any time of the day.

The change in your lifestyle will be significant as you use the bike daily and you will be amazed by the features it has to offer in such an affordable rate

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