Is The Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT Recumbent Bike Worth it in 2021?

Exercise equipment, which can be easily placed in homes, has seen a considerable rise in popularity. These machines save you the time of going to a park and help you work out according to your schedule. The most popular exercise bike among this equipment are the recumbent exercise bikes.

Exerpeutic gold 975xbt is a Bluetooth equipped smart technology recumbent exercise bike. The bike is built up so that it can support weights as high as 310 lbs. It also comes with 21 different built-in exercises. The machine also works on a mobile application, which is free. 

Some of the key features of the Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT, which separates the bike from several other recumbent exercise bikes in the market are given below.

Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT

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Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT Features in Details:

Weight capacity

The model comes with an extended weight capacity. It can support 310 lbs. At one time. The design provides a comfortable workout to its users. This huge weight capacity allows a wide number of peoples to use exerpeutic gold 975XBT as their ideal recumbent bike.

Built-in workout programs

The machine comes with 21 built-in exercise programs, which you can follow for a healthy exercise routine. These programs are computer pre-set workout programs. It also allows you to have three different settings for a workout. You can choose these settings based on your preferences. These settings can be chosen on the basis of distance, time, and calories burned.

The machine also has a 16-level magnetic tension, which gives you more options to either make the workout challenging or make it easier. With this level of magnetic tension, you can customize your ride according to your preferences.

Comfortable seat

exerpeutic gold 975xbt seat

The Exerpeutic gold 975xbt recumbent bike comes with an oversized seat. The oversized seat is made comfortable with a seat cushion and a backrest.

The size of the backrest is adjusted so that users of any size can use it comfortably. User height ranges from 4’11 to 6’6. This extensive range is provided by very few companies in the market. 

Hand pulse sensors

The machine also comes with hand pulse sensors. These sensors are constructed so that they measure your pulse rate, to give you your heartbeat rate. This will help you to exercise while keeping a note of your breathing and health.

Built-in LCD computer  

exerpeutic gold 975xbt display

It has a backlit LCD computer, which allows you to monitor your exercises. You can see the calories you have burnt, the time you have spent running,

the distance you have covered, the speed at which you run, and your pulse rate. It also allows you to scan two different profiles.

The machine also comes with an adapter. It has a smartphone and tablet holder, which will allow you to carry your phone activities simultaneously.

Large pedals

The machine has large comfortable pedals. These large pedals will exert less strain on your feet and allow you to focus on your main exercise.

Bluetooth technology

This device comes with modern Bluetooth technology. It also has its own smartphone app, which can be found for free on your phone specific app store. This app can be used to track your exercise results.

Less noise

The machine allows exercising with quiet operation. It does not produce much noise as compared to its competitors.

It has a v-belt drive, and precision-balanced flywheel, which allows you a smooth workout.

This feature of the machine allows the users to listen to music or watch TV without the machine disturbing their activities. 

Transportation wheels

Exerpeutic gold 975xbt bike comes with transportation wheels so that you can change the positions of your bike whenever you want to with relative ease. One gets bored of working out at the same place again and again. This feature will allow you to change positions swiftly according to your desires.


Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT padal
Weight71.6 pounds
Length58 inches
Width38.5 inches
Height23.5 inches


The product is warrantied from the company to be free from all the defects. It is warranted for five years after the date of purchase.  

Exerpeutic Gold 975XBT Pros & Cons

  • Oversized and comfortable seat.
  • Built-in Bluetooth functions.
  • It is easily assembled.
  • Provides Quiet operation
  • Built-in workouts
  • The display on the LCD screen is hard to read.
  • The seat can be hard to adjust
  • It takes a subjective amount of space.
  • The handle is too small

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Exerpeutic GOLD 975XBT FAQ’s

Does the Bike need to be plugged in?

Yes, the machine needs to be plugged for proper use. It supposedly does not work on batteries. Without plugging in the machine, the pedals will have no resistance, and you will be just free pedaling.

The plugin of your machine will enable all the different functions of the machines. These functions include choosing different programs and measuring your pulse rate.

Can the seat be slid down?

The seat is adjustable if you don’t tighten the lock screw. The seat supports your lower back and is made so that it can be adjusted to your height and weight.

Is the seat comfortable?

Most of the customers have complained about the seat not being comfortable enough. The seat is overall comfortable and has cushions attached, but it could need 3-inch padding more. 

What height range does the bike support?

The bike supports a wide range of heights. The seat is adjustable to all the way forward close to handling so that people as short as 4’11 can use this machine. The longest height which the machine supports is six feet and six inches. 


The Exerpeutic gold 975xbt is a Bluetooth equipped smart technology recumbent exercise bike for seniors. The machine also has built-in exercise programs to help you with your workouts. The machine’s large weight capacity and long height ranges allow the machine to target a wide range of customers.

The customers have rated the legroom for this machine five stars, but the thing most of the clients complained about was the uncomfortable seat of the machine. Other than that, the machine does not have any major flaws. The machine has been an ideal choice for the users so far and is going to make your workout easier.

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