The Marcy me-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review of 2021

marcy me 709

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The Marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike is having many features that will make your home a gymnasium. It is not only a bike but is featured with a number of other functionalities that make it outstanding.

It is having a lot many functions but yet it is the cheapest recumbent exercise bike and is, therefore, an attractive exercising machine among home users and exercises. It is having the features which are fully catered by a new exerciser and also by the experts is featured with various levels of adjustments according to the type of user, therefore it is popular among the exercises.

These types of machines are fit for young mothers who can’t spare much time alone outside the home. Read Marcy recumbent exercise bike: me-709 review here.

Marcy me- 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike Features:

  1. Levels of Resistance: Categorizing as a machine that is for it is having adjustable levels that can be bearable with each type of operator.
  2. Adjustable seat: It is having a cushioned adjustable seat.
  3. Pedals with straps: It is the risk-free feature of the bike that your feet are fixed on the pedal with the trap so that you can’t slip.
  4. Lightweight: The overall weight of the bike is about 50-60 pounds only.
  5. LCD Screen: Adjustable levels and other statistics are been displayed on the screen.
  6. Magnetic resistance system: all the resistance is magnetically attached to the whole machine.
  7. Warranty: The bike is having a warranty of two-years for the body.

Features of Marcy Me- 709

Marcy me 709
Marcy me 709

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Levels of Resistance

The device is customizable according to everyone at home as it is having various levels of resistance. Though there are eight levels of resistance that can be adjusted so as to meet the requirements of experienced and new users. These are enough as they are meant to be mostly women.

Adjustable seat

Adjustable seat

An adjustable seat with a cushion is set up on the machine so that the exerciser can comfortably sit on the seat and do the exercise. Not only this one can adjust according to her ease and do whatever she wants to do. Either watching television or turning on the movie channel to watch some good movie. Thus one can easily exercise on it.

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Pedals with Safety Straps

Pedals with Safety Straps
Pedals with Safety Straps

Avoiding the problem of being slipped from the pedal, the machine is having straps with pedals so that one can easily adjust the feet and strap to fix herself properly on the bike and ride herself easily. The height is also one of the factors on the basis of which this adjustable feature of the pedals is designed in this way.


Transport Wheels

The overall weight of the bike is about 50-60 pounds only, with the front wheels, which will make you use it, even if you are aged.

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LCD Computer Display

LCD Computer Display

For monitoring your exercise, and the LCD screen is adjusted on the bike, so that you can easily see the distance you have traveled, the time you have spent on the machine, the calorie meter to read the calorie burning and the speed with which you are running. Therefore it is good to keep track of all the statistics that are to be monitored.

Magnetic resistance system

Adjustable Resistance

The Marcy me- 709 recumbent exercise bike is easily assembled, broken into parts and then reassembled. This is all because of the fact that the machine is having joint parts and is easily adjustable. It will take you less than even half an hour to assemble it and start doing exercise. Work out using this bike and enjoy a healthy life.

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The Marcy me- 709 bikes are having a warranty of two-years for the body. It is, therefore, offering this offer as they have designed and modeled the device to its fullest and are confident about it.

marcy me 709 recumbent exercise bike
  • The bike is noise free and comfortable
  • It is not harmful, you can use it around young kids,
  • LCD screen helps you keep all the record of your exercise,
  • Easily adjustable and comfortable seat enables the rider to fully enjoy the ride,
  • Proper shape of the machine that will definitely not damage your overall body posture. Stress level is maintained.
  • Pedals with the strap are also making you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Various eight levels of resistance are there to adjust the resistance according to one’s own choice.
  • It is lightweight,
  • Two years warranty makes you trust the product
  • Front wheels are adjusted in a way that they can easily be used by people who are aged.
  • Above all, it’s not much expensive; it is economical to have a machine at home.
  • It is not initially programmed; you have to program it before the first ride.
  • The seat is the little bit awkward if the exerciser is tall.
  • As the machine is lightweight, therefore an operator with weight above it should not use it.
  • It is not having the heart rate measuring device.

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Customer Reviews:

Most of the customers have liked the product only because of the reason that it is inexpensive and light-weighted. Keeping in view the comfortability factor, some of them have ordered it. Also that it is adjustable according to one’s own resistance, therefore, it is very popular among ladies.

Affordability factor:

It is inexpensive and is according to one’s own range. It ranges from 165 dollars to 239 dollars. There is a difference only because of some of the features differences.

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Final Verdict:

The Marcy recumbent exercise bike: me-709 is the cheapest recumbent exercise bike, but as much as you are paying for the device you will never regret it. As you are purchasing a device that is well structured, portable and comfortable, you are investing in a good health fitness machine. It will give you great health and fitness.

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