MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike Review with Resistance and Adjustable Seat for Home Exercise

Do you want the recumbent indoor exercise bike? You can buy MaxKare recumbent exercise bike with an adjustable seat and resistance. The bike is perfect with lots of unique features and design. With this bike, you can exercise your glute muscles, calves and thighs with limited strains. 

The bike comes with a wider and lower seat to decrease strain on your joint. People who have arthritis can easily balance their body while riding. You can get an excellent cardiovascular workout. It is easy to move and balance the pedals.

Recumbent bikes are easy to ride because of their comfortable design. If you want the Top recumbent bike for seniors, feel free to buy MaxKare recumbent exercise bike. This bike is suitable for light cardio workout and home use. As compared to other models, its footprint is small, and it is suitable for small spaces. No doubt, it will be a worthy investment to achieve your fitness goals.

Things to Remember Before Buying MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike

The market has numerous options; therefore, you have to compare different models to choose the recumbent indoor exercise bike.

Backrest and Adjustable Seat

Backrest and Adjustable Seat

Remember, a recumbent bike is famous for its comfort and adjustability. It is highly recommended to use for different back problems. Unlike a spin bike, these bikes will not put pressure on your spine. For this reason, make sure to buy a recumbent bike with a padded and adjustable seat.

Warranty and Flywheel

A bike must offer a solid warranty that covers all parts and frame of the bike. Moreover, it should offer maximum support for electronic parts. For a better experience, choose a recumbent bike with perimeter-weighted flywheels.

Tablet Holder and LCD Display

Tablet Holder and LCD Display

An indoor recumbent bike must have a display screen to show your performance. Some indoor bikes come with a display holder to put your tablet, smartphone and laptop. Make sure to check all useful features as per your convenience in an indoor recumbent bike.

Preset Programs

Some exercise bikes come with preset programs to make your paddling session easy. Moreover, you may get goal-setting features on some consoles. Feel free to choose between them to stay challenged and motivated.



Remember, magnetic resistance is necessary for a smooth ride; therefore, you have to look for a recumbent bike with magnetic resistance. A recumbent bike with manual resistance system may serve the purpose.

Miscellaneous Features

A few recumbent bikes have a cooling fan to keep you cool. You can adjust the speed of the cooling fan. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite music with speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. USB and Bluetooth connectivity allow you to download and upload data.

Features of MaxKare Exercise Bike

  • Weight Capacity: almost 300 lbs
  • Weight and Dimensions: 62 lbs and 45.7L x 18.9W x 41.H inches
  • Pedals: Weighted with straps
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Console: Scan, goals, calories, speed, odometer, distance and time
  • Resistance: 8 levels, manual magnetic
  • Warranty: Two years limited warranty

Frame Design

The steel frame is durable to support almost 300 lbs of weight. MaxKare recumbent bike features a magnetic resistance mechanism with eight tension levels. You can adjust the tension of the bike via one knob located on the front part of this frame.

This bike is few inches wide along with a wide, adjustable seat. All steel parts are durable because these are made of powder-coated steel with corrosion-resistant gray paint finish. Moreover, this bike has different ABS parts. The covers of drive and several other elements are made of ABS plastic.

Remember, this high capacity trainer is easy to carry from one place to another. You can assemble it easily without any professional help. Feel free to use its small front wheels to transport MaxKare.

Handlebars and Adjustable Seat

The bike is equipped with a comfortable, wide seat. For your convenience, the seat pad is 36.8 cm wide and 27.9 cm long. You will get sufficient surface to sit comfortably. Furthermore, the backrest is available to offer lumbar support. Both the backrest and seat feature durable vinyl upholstery and 1.5” foam padding.

The adjustable seat is attached a lockable oblique rail for farther and closer position from pedals. With its lever-based adjustment system, you can easily change the position of the seat. You can adjust the seat by pulling the lever on the right side.

Rail of the seat offers an adjustment span from 27” to 35”. The bike is suitable to accommodate users of 5’0” or 6’3”. You will get a leg extension for maximum comfort. Moreover, the weight capacity of this bike is quite decent.

The bike has two sets of handlebars, such as front mast and attached to its seat assembly. Handlebars of the seat have pulse sensors. You cannot adjust sensors independently. Remember, front handlebars offer a natural position to your hands because these are curved toward users. As a result, there will be less impact on your wrists.

Similar to seat handlebars, front handlebars are non-adjustable. They are located at a comfortable distance; therefore, you can hold them easily.

Tension Control

Recumbent exercise bike features a manual magnetic resistance system. You can control it manually without a power adapter. The control cannot adjust resistance automatically. Moreover, it does not feature a preset workout program.

The resistance system has an internal magnetic brake attached to a tension knob on the front bar of the bike. You can turn this knob to change the position of brakes. In this way, you can decrease or increase the pedaling difficulty.

This bike has eight resistance levels for a versatile exercise program. The first level offers a light pedaling difficulty that is suitable for users. Each level offers different types of resistance to improve stamina and burn more calories.

MaxKare recumbent bike has a sturdy crankset. Remember, it is not a spin bike and offers seated workouts. Pedals of this bike are made of sturdy nylon material. With their weighted design, they can turn up the face to remove your feet easily from them.

Furthermore, pedals have adjustable straps to offer better foot stability during pedaling. The MaxKare bike comes with belt transmission. It can save you from the tension of episodic lubrication. Thus, the bike offers vibration-free and smooth traction.

Versatile Console

The console of MaxKare features an LCD to track calories, speed, distance, pulse and time. Remember, it can track your pulse through sensors on handlebars of the seat. It is not capable of receiving information from a wireless chest strap. The console acts as a standard fitness meter.

This exercise bike has a manual resistance system, and its console cannot adjust resistance. It allows you to set goals, distance, calories and time. You will not find preset workout programs in this console. Once you set a goal, it will show the remaining value of your goal until its completion.

Console features three buttons and easy to use. These are reset, set and mode for your convenience. With a mode button, you can choose different workout metrics to see the view on the display and choose a Scan Mode. After selecting a scan mode, the metrics start rotating in a sequence.

With a set button, you can select your workout goals. Moreover, reset buttons allow you to clear the values of the console to zero. Remember, this unit is battery powered and needs two AA batteries. The console starts up after detracting pedal movements and turns off automatically once you stop pedaling.

With a phone or tablet holder, you can place your iPad or other electronics. These allow you to enjoy entertainment and exercise at the same time.

Maintenance and User-friendly Assembly

The body of MaxKare recumbent bike has significant resistance and drive element. It is a pre-assembled bike, but you have to add the seat, the base bar, the upright front bar, the pedals, the console and the handlebars.

It may take only an hour to assemble this bike. A manual is available with complete instruction. Fortunately, the maintenance of this bike is easy. You will not need it for an extended period. Basically, you are responsible for keeping your bike clean. Make sure to keep any kind of liquid away from the console. Periodically check your exercise bike for broken and loose parts.

Pros of Maxkare Exercise Bike

  • Adjustable back stabilizers
  • Front handlebars
  • Seat handlebars with special pulse sensors
  • Backrest and padded seat
  • Lever-based adjustment of seat
  • Magnetic resistance up to eight levels
  • Weighted pedals with flexible straps
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seat

🤦‍♂️ Cons of MaxKare Exercise Bike

  • The water bottle holder is not available
  • No backlit in the console display
  • A tablet on the holder can cover the console controls and display

Final Verdict

The MaxKare recumbent exercise bike can be a suitable exercise bike with an adjustable seat and intensity. With eight levels of magnetic resistance system, it helps you to increase the difficulty of your workout.

It features a padded seat with handlebars. You can adjust its seat as per your convincing. This bike is designed for recovery training, light cardio workouts, weight loss and muscle toning. Overall, it is an affordable exercise bike for a workout in the comfort of your home. 

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