Nautilus R616 Recumbent Exercise Bike 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

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This recumbent bike from the renowned brand Nautilus is a member of the medium price range. But it has some really great features. If you want to describe this in a word, you can call it a feature packed device.

It is extremely sturdy and has an elegant console which makes it look wonderful. There are around 25 resistance levels, 29 pre-set workouts, speakers, media shelf, water bottle holder and a lot more.

It is really suitable for you if you want to experience a comfortable workout. This machine is also very soothing for your back and joints. So it is great one for people who have back pains and joint problems.

It is really a device which is strong, durable and comfy at the same time. So can we have a look at the striking features of this recumbent bike? Yes, right? Let’s head on……..

Newer Model of Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R616 Features:

  • 29 pre-set workouts
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Heart rate can be monitored on handlebar grips
  • Bluetooth and USB
  • In-console speakers
  • 3 speed cooling fan
  • Media shelf
  • Water bottle holder
  • Can bear up to 300 lbs user weight
  • Easy transportation


The Nautilus R616 recumbent bike has an amazing seating system which can satisfy most types of users. It features two types of seats, both the padded and non-padded one. Two-in-one, right? If you want even more comfort, you may place a cushion on it.

The back rest is also amazing as it stays fixed in its place. It is a bit angled on the backside which provides you the most comfort. When you adjust the seat, it can be moved. Worrying about getting up on the seat? No worries. You just have to step through the bike and sit on the seat.

It is as usual like seating down on a chair. So you don’t have to take your legs up. It also features handlebars beside the console which helps you to put down the seat anytime very easily.

You can also use them when you get down from the bike. You can also0 lean the seat forward while exercising. It will depend upon your workout dresses. You can either lean ikt backwards or a bit forward too.


This amazing recumbent bike has 25 resistance levels which are magnetic and controlled by the console. These actually do not make any kind of irritating sounds and even does not require any maintenance. Amazing, isn’t it?

The magnets never come in touch, no matter which resistance level you choose. The magnets always move further and closer to the flywheel which results in quiet workout sessions.

You can easily jump levels from 1 – 25 but you have ten choices. You can do it with the help of the quick jump buttons on the console.

You can use the higher resistance levels if you want a really intense workout session. On the other hand, if you are recovering from injury, you can use the lower levels but of course, after the doctor’s suggestion. The levels can be adjusted by the buttons but if you select pre-set workouts, the resistance levels will be selected automatically.

But if you are not satisfied with the auto-selected resistance you can change it yourself too. So user friendly, isn’t it?


The Nautilus R616 can be used by a wide range of users as people from 4’ 11” to 6’ 3” can use it without any fuss. You just have to adjust the seat according to the user’s height.

Reports from consumers state that the seat moves on an aluminum rail line which goes from around 19-23 inches from the ground. But if you are below the minimum height, you may have to stretch yourself and if you are over the maximum height, you may have to reduce your extended legs. You can adjust the seat very easily.

It moves along the slider and does not stick which makes it a fuss free exercise bike. The seat can be moved to any position you want as there are no pre-slots which may restrict moving it. But when you move the seats, you should always be off the bike.

To move it, just push down the bolt below the seat and them position the seat. After taking it in your convenient place, you just have to push the lever up to lock it in its place.

Little cleaning and easy transportation:

This bike has almost no source of producing dirt and all those stuff. The only way for making your floor dirty is the user’s sweat. So you just have to wipe off the floor and the bike every time after working out.

This is not so taxing, right? And this wonderful bike features wheels which make it very easy to transport. If you have little space in your residence, you can easily move it to your store. You don’t have to take it by pulling or dragging. So you can move it without any efforts.


This best recumbent exercise bike is manufactured of stainless steel frame which helps to hold you firmly while pedaling. It works great no matter in which resistance you are. It features two levelers on the back stabilizer and the other one is in the middle of the frame.

These are only needed if you keep the device in an uneven floor or surface. When you use them, you can adjust according to the height of your choice. It will prevent all types of rocking of the bike.

Are you worrying about the warranty periods? The bike frame has ten years warranty, mechanical parts has two years, electrical parts has one year warranty and the labor has 90 days of warranty. Long period, isn’t it?


  • Water bottle holder
  • Media shelf
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • USB and Bluetooth
  • 29 pre-set workouts
  • 25 resistance levels


  • Speakers are less powerful than usual
  • Sometimes the seat seems less comfortable

This amazing recumbent bike features really great benefits, isn’t it? Yeah for sure, because it is a branded product! These reviews help you to de-stress, right? The decision task is also made a lot easier.  Now you can also study some other best recumbent exercise bike reviews and decide the perfect one for you…..

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  • LCD Display
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  • Sound
  • heart Rate
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