Phoenix 99608 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Elegant way to Exercise

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In case you are a fitness-minded person, you do need any invitation for exercise. However, a normal person usually needs an incentive to exercise. This is usually the last thing in his mind. It is not that he does not want to. However, it is in Man’s nature to procrastinate things.

This particular exercise bike provides just that incentive to a normal person to exercise. The Phoenix 99608 Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is a fantastic piece of exercising equipment.

Phoenix 99608 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Features at a glance:

  • Latest technology: This bike comes with an ultra quiet magnetic resistance system, making it a dream to exercise.
  • Power packed: The bike has eight different levels of resistance with an adjustment dial.
  • Comfort: This is a comfortable bike in all respects.
  • Easy to use: You can read the meters easily. The LCD monitor comes at a perfect angle allowing you to watch the readings without getting up from the bike.
  • Sturdy design: The bike comes with a tough tubular frame making it a strong bike.
  • The bike comes with a 1-year frame warranty as well.

Phoenix 99608 Features in detail:

  • Flexibility is the key: This bike comes with eight resistance levels making it a truly flexible bike. You can adjust the eight different levels of resistance depending upon your fitness levels. In addition, you can find the bike has a simple way of adjusting the resistance levels. The pedals include foot straps to enable you to have a secure footing. The rectangular tubing frame adjusts itself to different sizes enabling persons of various sizes to exercise easily.
  • The latest technology in the offing: The magnetic resistance system reduces the noise a great deal. This makes the equipment a silent one to work. You can easily watch your favorite programs on TV while exercising. There will be no distraction from your side. The bike comes with a spring-loaded knob to adjust the frame length. An exceptionally tall person too can easily exercise with this bike without the bike losing its stability. The bike is not a tall one. Hence, it has a low center of gravity making it a stable bike in all respects.
  • Comfortable from every angle: This is a comfortable bike in all respects. Anyone can easily assemble this bike without any sort of difficulty. There are no heavy parts. There are no awkward motor connections either. This bike is such that it can suit men as well as women and children too. The adjustments are also very easy to make. At just a height of 17.5 inches from the ground, this bike has a low center of gravity making it a very stable bike. No one can ever fall off from this low a height.
  • Health conscious factors: The bike comes with a clear LCD display showing you all the parameters and readings. There is a ‘Mode’ button on the screen. You can choose this facility to toggle between screens. The bike can measure your heart rate as well as the amount of calories you spend while exercising. This bike can equal the treadmill in many ways. Phoenix has an enviable record of providing high-quality exercising equipment’s throughout the world.
  • Attractive price and warranty: The main attraction of this bike is the price. With practically having all the functions of a treadmill, this bike comes at a fraction of its cost. At S155.56, this is attractive equipment. The frame comes with a 1-year warranty. In fact, the frame is sturdy enough. No one ever avails the warranty, it seems.


  • The main advantage of this bike is the silence with which it functions. Your spouse can watch the TV without feeling the need to admonish you for doing the exercises in the same room. The reason is that she may not know you are exercising.
  • This bike is very easy to carry along from room to room.
  • This is a very short bike. Anyone, including children can use it safely.
  • There are eight different levels. You can start from the easiest one and gradually move upwards.
  • The bike is a stable one. It does not wobble while exercising. This enables you to read as well.
  • This reclining bike is perfect for people with back problems.
  • This bike can support people who are up to 250 pounds in weight. That would include a majority of the population.
  • This bike is easy to assemble. Even a school kid would be able to do it without difficulty.
  • This is a strong and sturdy bike in many ways. The frame has a 1-year warranty.


  • For all its sophistication, the bike has a small LCD monitor. It cannot display all information in one shot. You have to use the mode button to scroll down to view the information you seek. It is quite irritating to do so.
  • The calorie meter is not a perfect calibrated one. In fact, you will find this problem with every exercise bike. You do not have an option to enter your age, height, and weight. These are essential parameters for displaying the heart rate and other medical features.
  • Some people find a problem with the pedals.
  • It is of Chinese make. Hence, many people are a little skeptical. However, this bike is still a good one.
  • Some people experience an issue with the seat cushioning. You can use pillows in case you find it uncomfortable.
  • Extremely tall people would find a difficulty in handling this bike. At the same time, people in excess of 225 pounds would find it tough.

Customer ratings:

This bike is a moderately popular one with 81% of the customers giving it a rating of four stars and above.


In spite of the warranty on the lower end of the scale, this bike is moderately popular. However, this is good for people of all ages. At this price, you may not find a better one.

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