Sam Yo Peloton Instructor- Biography, Age, Facts and Family

Sam Yo was born on August 19th, 1983 in Seoul, South Korea. He grew up in Los Angeles, California. Sam Yo has been working as a personal trainer since he was 17 years old. His clients range from celebrities to professional athletes. He started his career as a fitness instructor at the age of 18. He became a certified personal trainer in 2004.

Full NameSAM YO
Birth dateAugust 19th, 1983
Birth placeSeoul, South Korea.
EducationHe attended middle school at the American School of Seoul.
Weight160 lbs
Marital statusmaried
Net worth$10 million dollars.
NationalitySouth Korean.

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Sam Yo Biography

Sam Yo grew up in Seoul, South Korea. When he was three years old, his parents bought him a bicycle. They would take him out into the countryside and let him ride around. He loved it! When he was four, his dad took him to the beach and showed him how to surf. He learned quickly and soon mastered the sport. He also played soccer and basketball.

By age five, he was playing baseball. He practiced hard and eventually made the team. He played until he was 12. He attended middle school at the American School of Seoul. He excelled academically and participated in many extracurricular activities including swimming, track, tennis, and volleyball.

Body Measurements

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 160 lbs

Chest: 38 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Hips: 40 inches

Biceps: 17 inches

Thighs: 22 inches

Neck: 14 inches

Family Background

In 2006, he married his wife, Jessica. They had their first child together in 2007. Their second child was born in 2011.

Training Style in peloton

In order to teach cycling class, Sam Yo uses the method of instruction known as ‘guided discovery’. This means that he guides students through their learning process rather than giving them all the answers. He believes that this approach helps students learn faster and retain knowledge better.

Facts About SAM YO You don’t know

He has won many races such as Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix. He has also won multiple national championships including USA Cycling Road National Championships. He is currently ranked #1 in the world.

SAM YO Favorite Activity

Sam Yo enjoys riding bikes and playing tennis. He likes to spend time with family and friends. Sam Yo spends time with his wife and kids during weekends.

SAM YO Career History

After graduating from college, Sam Yo worked as a physical therapist for two years. After that, he became a professional cyclist and competed in the Tour de France. However, after three years of racing, he decided to quit. Then, he moved back home and started coaching. At present, he works as a personal trainer and teaches cycling classes.

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