The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

Physical exercise is a necessity for all to remain mentally and physically fit and healthy. Everybody can not head to the gym for various reasons. The next best alternative is to bring the gym equipment to your home. Of course, when I use the word ‘gym’, I refer to exercises. The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is nothing less than a whole gym.

Schwinn is a household name, thanks to its traditional bikes. Very few people are aware that Schwinn is on exercise bikes also. Customer reviews of this bike show it to be an extremely popular bike on Amazon.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 230 Features at a Glance:

  • Technology at its best: This bike comes with a dual LCD window which allows you to track your activities better.
  • Your personal trainer: The Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export system helps you track your daily exercising activities and acts as your personal trainer.
  • A variety of exercises: You have a variety of programs to choose from as this bike features 22 different programs.
  • Versatility: It a versatile bike as it is equipped with twenty resistance levels.
  • Easy charging: The bike comes with a charging USB port and data exchange.

Schwinn 230 Features in detail:

  • Easy to use features: This recumbent bike allows you to work out in a relaxed position. You get extensive support for your lower back while working out. The adjustable seats make you feel extremely comfortable. Your body gets the maximum of relaxation with the minimum of strain. The bike is also very easy to assemble. Any person with basic technical knowledge of mechanics can easily assemble this bike within a quarter of an hour.
  • Great technology: The twin LCD console is a great piece of technology. The dual-window system allows you to monitor about 13 different displays at one time. The system comes with a unique concept known as the Schwinn Connect goal tracking system. Using this system, the machine can keep track of your fitness goals all the time. The bike comes with 22 different programs and 2 user settings. These different programs can maintain your focus for a very long time.
  • Excellent facilities: The bike has 20 levels of resistance. This enables you to do exercises with different intensities. The system comes with a weighted flywheel that can keep the workout smooth and quiet. Two integrated levelers coupled with center frame support make for a sturdy piece of machinery. This is a horizontal bike enabling people of all ages and gender to use it comfortably.
  • Cool results: The bike has ergonomic grips for calculating the exact heart rates. There is a 3-speed fan too to keep you cool while you exercise. The handlebars are static and thus easy for you to get on and off the bike. This bike also comes with acoustic speakers enabling you to listen to your favorite music while exercising. This bike is a good combination of exercise and entertainment.
  • Other notable features: Schwinn gives you excellent warranty facilities as follows:The frame comes with a 10-year warranty whereas the mechanical and the electrical system come with a 2-year and 1-year period. The bike can support weights up to 300 pounds.

[su_note note_color=”#f8d22d” text_color=”#000000″]See Schwinn 230 recumbent bike Manual / Owner’s Manual [/su_note]


  • This is a good bike for a cardio workout.
  • This is an intelligent bike in the sense that you can store the information of each user in his/her profile. This will enable the bike to come up with the accurate heart rate readings based on each one’s individual profile.
  • Very easy to assemble, anyone can assemble it within a quarter of an hour.
  • The high profile background of the manufacturer can give you a lot of confidence. Excellent multi-tiered warranties give great protection from defective parts and malfunctions.
  • The fan is an excellent addition to keeping you cool throughout.
  • You can charge your mobiles as well as other electronic devices from the USB port.
  • The built-in speakers enable you to listen to your favorite music while you exercise. The vented seat backrest is perfect for those suffering from lower back problems.
  • The seat cushions have adequate padding.
  • The bike can withstand load up to 300 pounds. Usually, a normal man and woman would be much below this weight.
  • The bike has easy access. There are no impediments as such.
  • The twenty level resistances are great for a complete workout. There would be no need for you to go to the gym.
  • You can adjust this bike to accommodate taller users too.
  • This bike is very easy to move from one place to others because of the strong wheels on the front part of the bike.


  • It does not make use of a chest strap monitor to give perfect heart rate readings.
  • You have to hold the grips tightly for about 15 to 30 seconds to get a reading.
  • Some users have complained of packaging problems. These do happen sometimes.
  • The bike comes with only two user profiles. Hence, if there are more users, you cannot enter their profiles for accurate reading.
  • The bike has a light flywheel. Many riders prefer a heavier one for stronger resistance.
  • Many people have complained about the quality of the cushions.
  • Extremely tall people can have trouble using this bike.
  • The monitor is a manually operated one. Some people have complaints about the quality of the monitor.

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Customer reviews:

Usually, you can see positive reviews about this product. Some people have complained about the packaging whereas some have problems with the assembly. You cannot please all the people all the time. Some sections of the population remain an unsatisfied lot.


Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. This product has more pros than the cons. Considering this aspect, and the fact that the price is extremely attractive, we recommend this bike highly. You should buy this bike and bring the gym to your sweet home and then you can enjoy the results of workouts in the comfort of your home.

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  1. Last year, I ordered the Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike for my wife to help him recover from some medical issues. I was a little bit worried when it arrived. It was a big box and I was afraid it was going to be more than I could handle alone when it came to putting it together. However, it was much easier than I expected. It’s really fantastic for exercise.

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