Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike Review for 2021

Do you want to maintain a healthy fitness routine at home? You can buy Schwinn 250 recumbent bikes with several health benefits. It allows you to exercise at home and derive aerobic benefits of riding outdoors.

Fortunately, Schwinn 250 is an upgrade of 240 with several unique features. Schwinn bikes feature adjustable resistance, comfortable seat and durable flywheels. Moreover, you will get an additional advantage of support for the lower back. Quality and durability of exercise bikes make Schwinn a trustable name in the market.

Schwinn 250 Features
9.4/10 Our Score
  • 16 resistance levels.
  • It can mimic the workout of a road bike without extra strain on back and joints.
  • Get advantage of 17 preset exercise programs, such as contact heart rate and telemetry, workout journal, heart rate controlled, etc.
  • Console features MP3 input and speakers, water bottle holder and a dual-speed fan
  • Padded seat with lumbar support and side bolsters
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel, seat storage, transport wheels and warranty coverage
  • Oversized pedals and toe straps

Specifications of Schwinn 250 Bike

  • 20 pounds flywheel
  • Eddy brake system
  • Two user-profiles and 18 workouts
  • Handgrip to monitor heart rate
  • Telemeter enabled polar wireless HR
  • Wide seat with adjustability
  • Angle adjustable console
  • Storage basket, rear stabilizer and transport wheels
  • 275 pounds of maximum weight capacity
  • 5 years warranty for frame and 1-year warranty for electrical and mechanical parts
  • 90 days warranty for labor and wear parts

Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike in Details

Comfortable and Relaxed Workout

The Schwinn 250 recumbent exercise bike is designed to make your workout challenging. You can complete each workout on an ergonomic and well-padded seat. The double posture lumbar support permits you to adjust your body to a relaxed position to read magazines or watch TV during a workout.

MP3 input port and built-in speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite music. A fitness enthusiast or a beginner can enjoy a comfortable workout. The bike has several attracted features to manage a slim and fit body. Schwinn exercise bike is easy on your lumbar spine or lower back.

The bike is gentle on your lumbar spine and joints. You will get the support of padded seat; therefore, there is no need to worry about injuries. The seat is large and safe for everyone. People with neurological conditions can use this bike.

Schwinn 250 has a sculptured seat foundation and a comfortable backrest that takes your back pressure and decrease swelling on joints. You can adjust its ergonomic seat according to your needs. The material of the seat pad is rubbery and firm for maximum durability and comfort.

The bike has a console to easily adjust on angle, aft and fore position to accommodate different users. Moreover, this bike has a bottle holder, blower fan and utility tray to keep your body cool during exercise. Remember, oversized pedals can accommodate different shoes.

Durable Parts and Easy Assembly

Overall, Schwinn 250 is a nice package because its parts are labeled and well protected. The process of assembly is not complicated because it may take time for inexperience users to assemble this bike. Typically, it takes almost 20 minutes to assemble this bike.

A manual is available with important details to assemble and use this bike. Schwinn sends this bike with important tools. No doubt, you will require some help to move this bike because it is heavy.

Great Resistance Levels

You can get the advantage of diverse workout programs. It offers 16 resistance levels and 16 workout programs, speakers, mp3 music input port, telemetry and heart rate monitoring. The bike comes with an LCD monitor to personalize your workout.

A perimeter weighted flywheel offers a road feel, consistent and smooth workout. It has integrated oversized stabilizers and levelers to offer a solid platform for a workout. You will get extra storage to keep important items near you. Moreover, a water bottle holder is necessary to keep you hydrated.

A retractable rack is available to put reading material. Schwinn 250 allows you to customize your workout through a profile editor. It is easy to keep a record of each workout and its results to stay motivated. Regular workout will help you to boost your endurance. Using a monitor makes it easy for you to change its resistance levels and consistently track your heart rate.

As compared to friction type resistance, the advanced magnetic resistance system is silent and perfect for enjoying your favorite music. You should not worry about stability because of a flywheel and rugged construction. Undoubtedly, magnetic resistance is smooth during exhaustive and lengthy workouts.

This model is smooth and quiet as compared to several other models. It is excellent for people to indulge in different activities. You can enjoy a comprehensive workout for your full body while watching TV, listening to music or reading magazines. The bike comes with two polar heart rate programs to set a target heart rate.

Heart rate control program is an excellent feature to set a target heart rate. After setting a heart rate, it will be easy for you to adjust resistance levels to match a designated heart rate. Undoubtedly, you will get the best value of money by investing in this bike.

Convenient For Everyone To Use

Undoubtedly, Schwinn 250 is a durable equipment piece with several friendly features. It has extra features and programs as compared to several other models. You can operate everything easily because a clear manual is available. The display of this bike is convenient to use, easy to read and clear.

You can easily track performance and use two profiles at a time. The bike comes with a big console and it will be an excellent addition to this bike. Schwinn 250 offers maximum space to put our reading material, iPad or kindle. Pedaling will be fun with this recumbent machine.

Biodyne Performance

The Schwinn 250 bike features BioDyne performance. It is a famous characteristic of this bike. You will get an actual road feel with perimeter weighted flywheel. For a consistent workout and smooth cycling, it will be an ideal bike. The oversized levelers and stabilizers offer a strong workout platform.

Bioconnect Feedback

BioConnect feedback is another important aspect of the bike. It is the best bike available in the market with numerous preset programs, profile courses, fitness test and distance goals. This bike is suitable and essential for regular exercises.

Best Technologies of Expensive Bikes

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You will get preset workout programs with Schwinn 250 bike. There are amazing 17 preset programs in the bike along with 8 profile courses. These are easy to set up to increase the excitement level and challenge of your workout. A quick start feature is available to start exercising immediately.

It will be easy for you to test fitness and set distance goals from menu options. A versatile menu is available for your convenience. The HRC (heart rate control) programs permit you to set your target heart rate zone. Remember, the bike can automatically decrease or increase the resistance level as per your heart. The polar heart rate telemetry-enabled system is an important feature available on this bike. You will find these features on expensive exercise bikes. The large backlit LCD black screen will help you to keep an eye on your performance.

Pros & Cons of Schwinn 250

  • Walk-through Special Design: Similar to other recumbent bikes, it is easy to access controls, pedals and seat of Schwinn 250. You will not face any hurdle in climbing on the seat. The bike is low to the floor as compared to upright bikes.
  • Sturdy: The Schwinn 250 is a durable bike for the riders of 275 pounds weight capacity. You can see back levelers in the bike for extra stability.
  • Integrated Fitness Programs: This bike has 16 program modes for maximum training support. The bike has distance goals, profile workouts, room for two customized workouts and fitness tests.
  • Data Transfer with USB: The recumbent 250 bike comes with an advanced tracking system for your fitness data. In this price range, you will not get an advanced tracking system. You can store data in a USB drive that may be uploaded to Connect Schwinn website. Remember, it is compatible with MyFitnessPal.
  • Double User Profiles: The bike allows you to save data of two users at a time. You will get facility to save custom programs, personal data and other workout information to accurately estimate calorie burn. It will increase your motivation for other workouts.
  • Resistance: The recumbent bike uses quiet magnetic resistance that is divided into different 16 levels.
  • Monitor to Check Heart Rate: The 250 Schwinn features a grip monitor for heart rate to estimate level of exertion. It is not accurate medically, but you can use a wireless polar receiver. If you want chest straps, you have to purchase them separately.
  • Amazing Sound System: You can connect an MP3 player with the sound system. The bike has one iPod-compatible media port along with speakers.
  • Extra Features: This bike has a water bottle holder, one USB charging port, one media tray and one fan. The maximum weight capacity for this bike is almost 300 pounds.
  • Flywheel is Light: Remember, the weight of flywheel is almost 13 pounds. Several riders need a heavy flywheel for smooth riding experience and strong resistance.
  • Need More Management: For the convenience of customers, the Schwinn 250 comes with a manual explaining everything. You have to understand the maintenance requirements of this bike. Make sure to lubricate this machine with silicone-based products in a week. There is no need to worry about virtual maintenance.
  • Seating: Remember, seating is an important part of the bike, but riders complaint about the uncomfortable seat. You can avoid discomfort by adding an extra cushion to the seat. Make sure to tighten bolts of the seat to avoid wobbly movements.
  • Inappropriate for Tall People: Tall people find it difficult to extend their legs with Schwinn 250. If you are 6’ or even taller, it can be uncomfortable to ride on this bike.
  • Weak Packaging: Some customers are not happy with the packaging of this bike. The company must use a heavy package for protection of this bike.
  • Warranty is not generous for different components of this bike. Customers will get protection for one year on mechanical and electronic parts. The frame has only five years warranty. The company can improve this warranty.


For workout at home, Schwinn 250 recumbent bike is an ideal recumbent exercise bike. It supports muscle toning and cardio workouts. In numerous cases, the recumbent exercise bike will be an excellent option for your physical therapy. The bike comes with numerous preset workout programs and resistance system.

Undoubtedly, the bike is good for shorter and taller people. You can get several programming benefits with light resistance. It is available at an affordable price. This bike can be an excellent deal for people who do not need an extremely heavy flywheel. Schwinn 250 is a powerful machine to lose weight and tone your muscles.

You can confidently invest in this bike because of its unique features. Use of this bike will help you to follow a customized workout routine. There is no need to worry about noise because of magnetic resistance system. The seat is comfortable for a long workout.

An LCD is available to track your exercise programs. The bike has several programs and controls. You will not get bored with this bike because it has several options. The resistance level of this bike adjustable; therefore, you can manage your workout according to your convenience.

It is easy for you to keep track of your workout and increase your motivation. Adjustable handlebars, oversized saddle, deluxe pedal, transport wheel and the adjustable seat can make your life easy. If you want the best exercise bike, Schwinn 250 can be an excellent choice. MP3 music input and speakers are available to enjoy your favorite music. The bike comes with a multi-color and backlit console that is easy to read. 

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