Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Review 2021

When purchasing an indoor cycle, you have to consider your comfort and convenience. Nowadays, it is easy to purchase an affordable bike. There are many things to consider, such as your weight, noise level, features, and durability.

If you want the best value of your investment, feel free to buy the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike. Sole offers a fusion of quality and affordability. It is designed for a satisfying workout for riders of almost 300 pounds.

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Things to Consider for the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

No doubt, Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike will help you to get the best value of money. If you want to explore the market, here are some essential things to consider:

Determine Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Goal

Before buying an exercise bike, you have to determine your fitness goals. Avoid spending money on useless features. An exercise bike can be an excellent purchase for avid bikers. For low-impact exercises, exercise bikes may be an ideal choice.

If you want to decrease body fat, fitness must be an essential thing in your routine. Ultimately, you will need a high-quality bike to meet your workout goals. After determining your fitness goals, you can pick the best exercise bike.

Choose the Best Bike

For cardiovascular workouts, you can buy upright bikes. These are great for working on abdominal muscles in an upright position. Moreover, you can get the advantage of an upper-body arm workout.

A spin bike is suitable for high-intensity, but low impact exercises. These bikes closely resemble real activities of riding road bikes. It can be the best machine to burn calories. Spin units are useful for an effective, strenuous workout.

Moreover, you can use a recumbent bike because it allows you to target maximum muscles. With the help of an all-body workout, you can work on significant muscles. The recumbent bike will ensure to maintain a good spinal position. For a few people, recumbent bikes are easy on low back and gentle on knee and hip joints.

Select the Right Features

Choose a bike with a comfortable and durable seat. The best bike comes with a comfortable design and sufficient padding. You can use it with sufficient adjustments to obtain the best fit. Feel free to purchase a bike with adjustable pedal strap and handlebars.

Pedals must be adjustable with some spring-loaded clips on an outer edge. It should hold your feet in the right place. They must work smoothly without making noise. For wide feet, you can get large pedals.

After getting the bike, you can adjust their pedals and handlebars as per your size and height. Carefully read the instructions to learn about your bike.

Routine Adjustments

You can purchase bikes with programs permitting routine adjustments. Exercise bikes must allow you to adjust routines for your fitness level. With advanced exercise bikes, you can make adjustments as per your gender, weight, and age.

Numerous exercise bikes enable you to monitor your heart rate. Some new models may have video screens that use TV shows, games, and music. Make sure to buy an exercise bike with a clear display and user-friendly controls.

An excellent display must show calories burned, heart rate, RPM (revolutions per minute), resistance levels, and speed. Moreover, you may get details of distance and time.

Determine Your Budget

The market has several bikes to suit your budgets. If you have sufficient money, you can buy a luxurious bike. An advanced bike may require you to spend almost $500 or more. Remember, a bike with basic features is available in less than $400.

Test your bike before purchasing it. A bike should fit your body properly. The height of your seat is an essential consideration. You should not sit away from handlebars. Pedals must accurately fit your feet. Choose a bike with the best resistance level.

With the help of resistance levels, you can bring variations in your workout. Moreover, cool down or warm up regularly by decreasing or increasing the resistance level.

Check Weight Limit

For your workout, stability is an essential factor. If your bike wobbles, it may not work well for you. Remember, your weight should not be more than the maximum limit. The selection of the wrong bike can increase safety risks for you.

Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Review

The SB700 exercise bike is useful for outdoor trainers and indoor cyclists. You can use it for a quiet and comfortable workout. It is ideal for personal use with handlebar and seat adjustments.

You may find it perfect for different body sizes. Rider of almost 300 pounds can enjoy a satisfying and long workout. SB700 comes with an LCD display and heart rate strap for the chest. It will help you to maintain an optimal heart rate.

Comfortable and Compact Design

Sole Fitness SB700 Bike
Sole Fitness SB700 Bike

The Sole offers a comfortable and compact bike for indoor training. New riders can enjoy the easy and fast setup. With its flywheel, you can build cardio stamina. You will find this bike affordable and portable. It offers all the crucial necessities of indoor trainers.

The weight of the bike is almost 141 pounds, along with a flywheel of 48 pounds. It is the quietest exercise bike available on the market. You may find its seat smaller as compared to others. No doubt, it offers sufficient comfort and cushion to your body.

The accents of red leather increase its aesthetic appeal. With its front wheel, you can easily roll this bike on firm surfaces. Remember, thin handlebars are easy to adjust in a limited space. Adjustment knobs of this exercise bike are exclusive. Its function is familiar to road cyclists.

Pedals of this bike have cages; therefore, a rider can ride in running shoes. If you want to clip in, feel free to switch to other types of pedals. It features an efficient and small console. You will get a small screen containing all the critical features.

LED-illuminating Feature

This model lacks fans, smart-device docks, and detailed features on screen. If you want a small screen with essential features, it can be a good choice. The console offers the right information in different formats.

You will get information about time, speed, distance, calories burned, etc. For your convenience, the screen features an LED-illuminating characteristic. There is no need to worry about dim light.

Workout Programs

workout program

The Sole SB700 comes without preset workouts. It can be an excellent choice for endurance exercises.

An LCD screen enables you to track time, distance, and speed. As a result, you will get the flexibility to tweak your routine.

You may not get any option for interactive workouts. This bike doesn’t have compatibility with iFit of a streaming subscription. For exercise enthusiasts, it may be a drawback.

Commercial-grade Quality

Commercial Grade quality

Sole Fitness bike features a commercial design to facilitate homeowners. It has a durable body and frame for an intense cycling workout. The heavy flywheel weighs only 48 pounds for consistent resistance and smooth riding.

It boasts a special Kevlar braking system. The material of this system is flexible and strong. With this material, this bike is quiet and sturdy. You can use this bike for regular workouts.

Ergonomics and Design


Safety is an essential factor for this bike. This bike is ergonomic with pedals and brake pads. The knob may need some efforts to operate. For your comfort, the seat can move vertically and horizontally. You will get sufficient flexibility to ensure the best position.

Handlebars are adjustable to avoid strain on your joints and backbone. The thick seat padding can contour your body and absorb the shock. With an intense workout, you will get sufficient sweat. Remember, padded and thick handlebars will help you to avoid any type of slip.

The LCD screen is easy and clear to read. With this bike, you can stay in a fat-burning zone. A shock-absorbent can maintain a pedaling rate without vibrations.

Guarantee and Warranty

The SB700 Sole exercise bike comes with a guarantee and warranty. See the details of its warranty:

  • For parts: three years
  • For frame: lifetime
  • For labor: one year
  • For electronics: three years

Moreover, you will get a money-back guarantee. Sole offers a 30-day guarantee on its machines. Feel free to return this bike for a refund within this time frame.

  • Heavy flywheel: The SB700 Sole efficiently mimics the feeling of road bikes. This wheel is 48 pounds and made of chrome-plated steel.
  • Powerful resistance: This bike can deliver extreme resistance. Several trainees may not find this machine easy to use.
  • Quiet operation: A system of Kevlar braking and well-designed drive contributes to quiet operations.
  • Durable Frame: It comes with a durable frame made of steel tubing and aluminum cover.
  • Oversized Pedals: The SB700 Sole comes with oversized pedals. Straps are available to avoid slipping.
  • Wireless Monitor for Heart Rate: This receiver allows you to get an accurate reading. The straps are available separately.
  • User-friendly control: It comes with a simple LCD console to monitor workout data. The screen of this console shows your distance and calories burned, RPM, speed, and time.
  • High Capacity: The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Warranty: You will get a lifetime cover for its frame and three years on electronics and parts.
  • Lack of built-in workouts
  • It has a heavy-duty flywheel for avid cyclists. This bike is free from iPod hookup

Alternatives to Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

No doubt, SB700 Sole Exercise Bike has several benefits. There is no harm in considering some alternates.

Sunny Fitness and Health Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

sunny fitness and health pro bike More Photos & Price on

Sunny fitness and health pro can be a popular alternative to the Sole Fitness indoor cycling bike. This bike is standard in different aspects. The SF-B901 comes with necessities that you may expect from this bike.

The handlebars are ergonomic and support multiple grips. It has an adjustable 2-way seat and one handle. With this handle, you can find the right position. Remember, the resistance system of this bike is not advance like Sole SB700.

Schwinn Cycling Bike IC3

schwinn cycling bike More Photos & Price on

The IC3 is another alternative to Sole SB700. This cycling bike can be an excellent competitor. You can get the advantage of fantastic build quality and cheap rate. With this bike, you will get double-sided pedals.

It features a flywheel of 40 pounds and a bottle holder. You can get the advantage of 100 resistance levels. Moreover, a Bluetooth armband is available for heart rate. This cycle has an LCD display and magnetic resistance.         

Final Verdict

The Sole Fitness SB700 cycle is highly capable of maintaining your fitness. It comes with one heavy-duty flywheel. For its smooth operations, it is famous among outdoor cyclists. If you are not experienced, its resistance levels are suitable for you.

It offers an excellent warranty and best design. Some people may find it an expensive outdoor bike. For serious indoor biking, it can be an excellent model. This cycling bike features top-rated technology and a durable frame. You may get a lifetime warranty for its frame.

You can get maximum information from its computer console. The design of this bike is beautiful and simple. No doubt, this machine is comfortable and light to adjust anywhere. With its computer console, you will get valuable information.

Remember, its backlit display shows heart rate, rotation per minute, calories burned, resistance levels, time counter, and trip distance. For this reason, it is easy to track your progress for fitness and health goals.

No doubt, this bike is expensive because of its advanced features. If you are a serious rider, feel free to buy this machine. It can be a reliable cycle for a smooth and powerful workout. With its regular use, you can easily lose additional weight and tone abs.

Feel free to use it to maintain a constant workout routine. For variable resistance levels, it has a tension control knob. Handlebars and seat are adjustable to increase your comfort. Overall, it can be an excellent investment to stay fit and healthy.  

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