The Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike Review – 2018

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This exercise bike will not only shape down your lower body but it will also work for the upper body equally. This bike has lower pedals like usual bikes but it consists of upper pedals too. It can act as a complete body work out when used at a higher heart rate level.

It is a great bike to have at home and gym for full body workout. Slim and sleek looks of this bike makes it more irresistible for fitness freaks. The design of the machine enhances the muscle tissues and heals joint pains. The bike is perfect for gym trainees, home usage or to use by patients.

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Stamina Elite Features at a glance:

  • Great frame:The steel frame is so cool and resilient that it can carry up to 250 pounds per user.
  • Adjustable seat:The seat can be accustomed according to different requirements of different users. The seat can be easily adjusted according to heights between 5’ to 6’.
  • Full body workout:The machine gives a complete body workout opportunity. From shoulders to arms and thighs to toes, the machine provides completes fitness mania.
  • Easy to assemble:The machine is so easy to assemble and set into single bike and comes with all the instructions.
  • Quite magnetic design:The bike comes with a quite magnetic resistance which helps the user to stay in seat in calmness and workout more.
  • Battery powered data console: The data console of the bike comes with battery so there is no need to find an electric socket to place this bike.
  • Warranty:The bike comes with superb warranty conditions offering 5 years warranty for the frame and 1 year warranty for the parts.

Stamina Elite Features in detail:

  • Adjustable seat: The seat of bike can be adjusted to different heights and angles. The seat back of this cute bike can also be adjusted accordingly. This adjustment can customize the bike for different users and make it more easy to use and reliable to work out on.
  • Quite Operation: The brand is known for this feature, all their machines are built on the same law of no noise while you exercise. The machine performs all its operation without any disturbance which makes the user more comfortable and relaxed during work out. 
  • Data journal: All the record of your exercise data can be saved in the machine data journal. This will keep record for the distance covered, heart rate, and calories burnt. Riders can record their data by pressing the scan button once after they have done exercising.
  • Needs no electric outlet: Now customers don’t have to panic if they cannot find any electric socket near their bike, because it doesn’t need any. The data control console is battery operated and hence does not require any electric supply for its functioning.
  • Heart rate monitor: A contact heart rate sensor is included in the machine. This feature makes the user to have a regular check while cardio exercises and to maintain a full record of ups and downs of heart rate.
  • Comfortable seat: the seat is designed in such a perfect way that it guarantees comfort at all levels. The seat is padded for best workouts. Along with this, the back of seat is also padded for maximum support to back.
  • Dual pedals: The dual pedals ensure that all of body does the hard work. It helps in cardio vascular exercises, upper body toning and also helps to reduce the lower body. Not like the usual bikes, it focuses on the upper body equally.
  • Resistance levels: It includes 8 levels of resistances, which can be switched even if the bike is running. This would not interrupt the function of machine and help the customer to experience different levels of difficulties very smoothly.


  • It has dual pedals which initiate working of full body.
  • It has 8 different resistance levels, which helps to improve stamina and cardio muscles.
  • Comfortable seats are the part of this bike which is adjustable from back and seat.
  • No electric supply is required for its operation, data console works on battery.
  • The bike is totally normal in weight having a weight of 121 lbs., by which you can carry it wherever you want to.
  • The bike is easy to assemble because of its manual.
  • It has a heart rate monitor which helps in monitoring the heart health in a better way.
  • The bike comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Warranty of this bike could be made better, more than 5 years or so.
  • Other series of the brand have transport wheels but this bike doesn’t come with them.
  • There are no preset programs in the bike to increase user difficulty level or to choose between different exercises routines.
  • The display is not so big, it would have been better if it was.

Customer Reviews:

Many people prefer this bike for its nice design and dual body workout function. It raises metabolic rate and provides the user to burn maximum of calories.

So far people who have used this have positive reviews about it. The customers are satisfied with bike except of the speed levels and knob adjustments. Many complain that these 8 levels are not challenging and are easy to compete with.

Final Verdict:

Besides the bike is costly, it has many incomparable features which make this bike a must have. Although, it has some negative aspects but its positive aspects negate the negative effects.

The bike is overall good exercise equipment which needs to be in a gym or home for healthy workout.

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