SF-RB1117- Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike Review

This is a male-dominated world in many ways. Most of the exercise bike manufacturers advertise that their bikes are compatible for both men and women.

However, their ergonomic design suits men more than women. This particular exercise bike, Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike is also compatible for both genders.

However, this is a woman-oriented bike in many ways. We shall see why it is so during the course of this product review.

Sunny Health Features at a Glance:

  • The excellent display features: The bike has a cute display showing the speed, distance, as well as the number of calories burned by the user.
  • Comfortable: The magnetic resistance system along with the non-skid pedals makes it very comfortable for use.
  • Adjustable: The adjustable seats allow the users of different heights to use the machine.
  • The cushioned seat and backrest system make it more comfortable.
  • Compactness: This bike has a foldable frame easy for storage.
  • Economical: The bike comes with an attractive price tag.

Health & Fitness Folding Bike Features in Detail:

  • Occupies less space – Everyone would like to have a good quality gym at home. However, the gym equipment occupies huge spaces. This recumbent bike is a compact machine having all the qualities of the gym equipment. You can easily fold the bike and store it comfortably. Space is one of the most considerable features for every home today. This bike can be the answer to all the prayers for the spaces.
  • Easy to use: The bike is easy to assemble as well as easy to use. You can adjust the seat as well as the backrest at different heights to enable people of different heights to use this machine comfortably. The nonskid foot pedals have straps on them to make you feel secure while using the bike. The adjustable magnetic resistance makes it an art machine. Even though this is a light bike at 36.5 pounds, it can withstand a person as heavy as 220 pounds.
  • The high-quality display features: This bike has a very convenient display system capable of showing all the readings in a clear manner. You can know your workout speed, distance, as well as the calories you are burning during the exercise. You can have a better understanding of the progress you have made.
  • Adaptability: This bike can adapt itself to suit the user. The adjustable seat makes it easier to use. There are eight different resistance levels. It does not matter whether you are an entry-level user or a professional athlete. Each one has his or her level to start with. The middle level can satisfy most of the users. You have to tap the adjustment knob on the front part of the machine to choose your suitable program.
  • Woman-centric – Usually, all of the bikes in the market cater to the male population. Women can use them. However, their features suit the male population in general. But, this bike is quite the opposite. Men can use the machine. However, the features of this bike are women-centric. The main attraction for women is the pink color of this bike.

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Bike Pros:

  • This is a very light bike weighing just about 37 pounds. However, it can withstand people as heavy as 220 pounds quite easily.
  • The dual direction pedaling enables you to pedal in both clockwise as well as anti-clockwise directions without facing any problem.
  • The bike has a quiet operation. You can do the exercise and watch your favorite program on TV without any problem.
  • The main attraction of this bike is the affordability factor. This bike is worth every cent you spend on it.
  • The folding frame makes it easy for one to store the bike. It does not occupy much space at all.
  • The adjustable seat and the nonskid foot pedals make it easy for the user.
  • The pink color of the machine makes it appealing to the women.

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Bike Cons:

  • The seats are comfortable in the beginning. However, later on, with usage they become uncomfortable. Many users have complained about this factor in the forums.
  • Limited resistance levels: The bike has only eight resistance levels. This would make it difficult for people who prefer harder workouts.
  • You have to change the setting for taller women to use it properly. This is quite an irritating aspect for many users.
  • The handles are too close to the seat. This could make it uncomfortable for the taller women to use the bike.
  • This bike is of Chinese make. Hence, it would not be possible to expect any warranty on the machine.
  • For all the advancements in Technology today, this bike has a very simple console.

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Sunny Health Folding Recumbent Bike Customer Reviews:

Women especially love this bike. They are somehow able to identify with this particular bike easily. The fact that it is a light bike has pushed things in their favor. In addition, the manufacturers have chosen to give it a pink color. Some people have commented that the handlebars are quite close to the seat. They can easily adjust the height of the seat under such circumstances.

Final Verdict:

This is an affordable bike. Every bike will have its negative points. However, one should concentrate on the positives alone. The pros are far outnumbered than the cons. At such an affordable price, this bike is worth every cent. Women should have a great time with this bike. If you want to see medium price recumbent bike this is for you Diamondback-510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike.

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