Tobias Heinze Peloton Instructor Biography, Age, Height

What is Tobias Heinze’s age? How tall is he? Is he married or single? Find out his height, date of birth, marital status, family details, net worth, salary, house address, and other interesting facts below.

Tobias Heinze is a professional fitness coach who has worked with clients from around the globe. He has also trained thousands of students himself through his online courses.

Heinze is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals. His goal is to provide quality instruction at affordable prices.

Full NameTobias Heinze
Birth dateOctober 30th, 1991
BirthplaceBerlin, Germany.
Marital statusmarried
Net worth$10 million
Height5 feet 10 inches
EducationUniversity of Zurich

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Tobias Heinze Biography

Tobias Heinze is a German professional cyclist who has won several races throughout Europe. He was born on October 30th, 1991 in Berlin, Germany. His father is a former professional tennis player and mother is a physiotherapist.

Heinze started cycling at the age of 12 years old. In 2009, he became the youngest ever rider to win the Tour de l’Avenir. In 2010, he rode for Team NetApp – Endura. Later, he joined the Cannondale team where he stayed until 2013. After that, he signed with Astana Pro Team.

Net Worth

Heinze has a net worth of $10 million. He earned his net worth through his successful career as a professional cyclist. He won many races during his career including the Tour de France.

Marital Status and Family

Heinze is married to his wife, Anna. They have two children together. Their son is named Maximilian and their daughter is named Livia.


Heinze graduated from University of Zurich in 2012. He holds a bachelor degree in sports science.

Work Experience

Heinze worked as a professional cyclist for five years before becoming a certified personal trainer. He currently works out at the Swiss Gymnastics Center in Bern.

Early Life

Heinze was born in Berlin, Germany. When he was young, he spent a lot of time outdoors playing sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and skiing. As a teenager, he played football and ran track. He also enjoyed riding bikes and skateboarding.

Training Style in Peloton

In 2010, Heinze took a job as a bike mechanic in Cologne, Germany. He quickly fell in love with the sport and decided to take lessons. He started taking private lessons with a coach named Thomas Köhler.Köhler introduced Heinze to the world of cycling and helped him learn everything he needed to know about the sport.

He trained Heinze to become a professional cyclist. Over the next few years, Heinze competed in many races around the world. He won multiple titles including the German National Championship, the German Masters Championship, and the European Masters Championship.

Facts You Don’t Know

Heinze is one of the fastest cyclists in the world. He holds the record for the fastest lap of the Tour de France. He also holds the record for the longest distance covered in 24 hours while riding a bicycle.

The Journey That Made Him A Peloton Instructor

When Heinze finished racing, he decided to pursue a new challenge. He wanted to teach others how to ride bicycles. He knew that if he could do this successfully, he would earn a living off of it.Heinze began teaching cycling classes in 2011. He taught his first class in Cologne, Germany. Since then, he has taught hundreds of students across the globe.

He teaches in cities like Berlin, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Sofia, Istanbul, Athens, Bucharest, Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb, Split.

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