Why Recumbent Road Bike is the Best Option

Ask recumbent road bike riders or bike riders, and they might not know the fact that recumbent bikes have been here for two centuries, contrary to the myth that they only came forward in the 21st century. In fact, it was in 1892 that general public was able to use recumbent bikes for the first time.

Moreover, these bikes even set some speed records, the most recent of which was beaten by a standard upright bike back in 1984. Hence, the next time a veteran rider chastises you for riding a recumbent road bike, show him this article to hammer home your point.

Here is why recumbent road bike is the best option:

They are safe:

I’m not implying that recumbent road bikes are not stolen – you’d have to secure them with the best bike lock for this purpose. Rather, they are safer than a road bike in case of a crash. Yes, since they have a low center of gravity that everyday bikes, the distance between you and the earth is very small.

Moreover, unlike a cheap road bike – which transfers the maximum impact to your upper body in case of a crash, it will be your feet taking the most impact if a recumbent bike crashes. For, you’ll be sitting in a laid back position, making tipping over the handlebar impossible.

While they will keep you safe in case of a crash, recumbent bikes will also decrease the likelihood of such an accident. They will do so thanks to their increase surface area. By making you more visible – or more of you visible, to the vehicle coming from behind, it will alert the automobile driver in a much better way than a cheap road bike.

Break the rules

Assuming that you are a millennial – or even if you aren’t, recumbent bikes will be the perfect match for the little rebel in you. Imagine, while all of the riders around you will be riding in an upright position, you’ll be the only one displaying your swagger by cruising it in a laid back style.

Hence, if you want to look different from the crowd, riding on a recumbent road bike seems to be your best bet.

They are comfortable

Unlike road bikes – where all your weight is on your hands and arms, it will be your seat housing the all the weight on a recumbent. Consequently, with no pressure on arms and wrists, there will be less chance of stress related injuries.

Also, if you are fond of driving long distances, recumbent bikes will save you from the inner thigh chaffing which is a part and parcel of every upright bike. That is, while you normally look for the restroom to accommodate your inner thigh chaffing after riding 20 miles on a road bike, a similar distance ride on a recumbent bike will allow you to walk normally.

They are less likely to be stolen

Although people like me often lament the decrease in population of recumbent bikes, it is areas such as these where their dearth seems to be a good idea. For, imagine being a thief who has stolen numerous road bikes, and is now facing the prospect of stealing a recumbent one.

Will he be able to do that? Of course not. Firstly, there won’t be many takers of a recumbent bike. Secondly, even if there are takers, the thief probably wouldn’t know how to ride it. Think about this advantage for a moment.

Recumbent Bikes Suit Everyone

Whether you are a veteran or a novice learning the sport, whether you are a Trans America Tourer or a pro racer, recumbent road bike has got you covered. For, while there are some recumbent bikes which are designed to give you comfort, others are built to invite performance to the fore.

Hence, no matter what your riding style is – and where you want to ride, there is a recumbent road bike for you.

They provide you a great view

Imagine riding on an upright road bike, what’s the view you saw throughout your journey? It’s plausible that when you were not looking forward, you were looking at the road. There is no such case if you are traveling on a recumbent bike.

For example, when you are riding a recumbent bike, you look up. Whether there’s a bird in the sky or an airplane flying around, you’d be able to take everything in. In fact, it’s like somebody has fitted a wide angle to your head, and you are able to not miss anything.

Tell me, isn’t that spectacular?

They are fast

While veteran riders won’t tell you – because they don’t know it themselves, but recumbent bikes are the speediest you will ever come across. It is because of aerodynamics. For, unlike to that of a road bike – where your entire body is a target for the aerodynamic drag, the seating on a recumbent bike provides a much smaller target, hence less wind resistance.

That is, for equal pedaling power that you normally apply on a road bike, you’ll be able to cover more distance in less time.

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