Best Recumbent Bikes Review for Seniors, Short Person, Home use 2017

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Best Recumbent Exercise BikesThe recumbent bike is one of the easiest ways to exercise your body, but it’s also one of the safest ways.No matter your age, location, weather, space – “recumbent bike” is made for everyone all around the world.

The best thing is that you will able to use it anywhere and anytime, without even having to leave your house.You will be able to work out and exercise from the comfort of your home without having to share the recumbent bike with anyone like you would have to in the gym.

It’s one of the safest ways to keep your body fit, which is perfect even for seniors who don’t know any other way to stay in shape.However, it can be tricky when you have to choose a recumbent bike. There are so many choices – you might have a hard time.

Luckily, you’re at the right place because on this website you will be able to find best recumbent bikes of 2017 and useful information on how to choose one yourself.

Best Recumbent Bikes 2017 By Low, Medium, & High Budget

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike (MY17)

 Top 3 Best Recumbent Bikes For Seniors 2017

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Top 3 Best Recumbent Bikes For Home use 2017

Sale Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike
Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Top 3 Best Recumbent Bikes For Short Persons 2017

Top 3 Best Recumbent Bikes for the Money 2017

Sale Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike
Sale Precor RBK 615 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Cycle

How Do You Use a Recumbent Exercise Bike 2017?

The recumbent bike is one of the easiest and safest exercises you can do to keep your body fit and healthy.However, there are some things you should pay attention to when you're working out. There are many different intensity levels you can choose from through a knob.

If you haven't worked out in a while, I'd always recommend you to start with something you are comfortable with in order to wake up your muscles and let them start slowly.

Depending on the model and a brand of recumbent bike you have chosen, you will probably have different training plans to choose from, which will automatically track your data and guide you through the exercises by setting the intensity for you.There are programs for weight loss, cardio, heart rate, and much more.

In reality, using a recumbent bike is pretty easy, but the thing you have to pay attention is the settings. You can get hurt even on a recumbent bike if you choose the settings which are too hard for your muscles at the beginner stage.

Many exercise bikes have a pretty same design, no matter if they're foldable or not. The principal is the same, you have a comfortable seat with and pedals which usually come with straps so make sure that you strap yourself if available.

Also, every recumbent bike should come up with clear instructions on how to set up the exercise bike and how to use it.

# Best Overall Recumbent Exercise Bike By Budget 2017

One thing that might be stopping people from having a chance to exercise is the budget. Yet, nobody understands that the exercise isn't expensive and it never should be.That's why in this first category, I will review one of the best budget recumbent exercise bikes that will meet anyone's budget without breaking their budget.

Don't let the money stop you from comfortable working out inside your home. But of course, working out whenever you want inside your home is kind of a luxury, instead of hitting the gym.So you will still have to spend some money.

1. Marcy me 709 - Best Low Budget Recumbent Exercise Bike 2017

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent BikeEven if you’re on the tightest budget possible, Marcy ME-709 recumbent exercise bike won’t break your budget.It’s one of the cheapest, yet very quality recumbent bikes out there. If you’re looking for the cheapest recumbent bike – this will be your choice.

Its heavy-duty construction design will make sure that you’re safe while you’re working out through eight different resistance levels. You’ll be able to find your resistance level by simply changing it through a knob.

On the computer screen, you will have a lot of information to keep your attention during your exercises. It might be even motivating to track your results and try to beat them. On LCD screen you’ll see information such as distance, speed, calories burned, time spent, and much more.

The comfortable padded seat will make sure that your back stays comfortable no matter how long do you work out.

What User liked

  • Proper shape of the machine that will definitely not damage your overall body posture. Stress level is maintained properly.
  • It is not harmful, you can use it around young kids
  • The bike is noise free and comfortable

What User not liked

  • No Pre-program workouts system
  • No heart rate monitor

2. Schwinn MY17 - Best Medium Budget Recumbent Bike 2017

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike MY17If you have a little bit more money to invest, I’d always suggest you go for Schwinn 270 recumbent bike. It’s a perfect bike for people with a medium budget, and it has a lot of more features than the low-budget recumbent bike.You will have a dual track LCD screens with back-lit to have an eye on your stats at any time. Goal tracking is made simple and it will boost your motivation.

With this medium budget recumbent bike, you’ll get a Bluetooth connectivity and big speakers so you can stream your music during your work out sessions.There are 25 resistance levels, 29 programs, and 4 user settings to achieve the best exercise possible.

You will be able to charge any USB device through a USB port and if you get bored during your exercise, you will even be able to read a book which you could place on a media shelf.

3. NordicTrack Vr21 - Best High budget Recumbent Bike of 2017

NordicTrack Vr21If you have a high budget and you’re ready to invest money, NordicTrack is the right recumbent bike for you.It has an extra wide body and StepThru construction, but it’s very lightweight. The seat is lumbar supported and there’s a bottle holder as well.

You will get heart rate monitor which is compatible with a wireless chest strap, and OneTouch controls.There’s a tablet holder integrated, and iFit Coach Ready will keep you motivated even through the hardest work out sessions.

If you get overheated during your exercises, Auto Breeze workout fan will cool you down.From 32 work out apps, you will never need to think of an exercise program yourself ever again. 

If you get too hot during summer work out, there’s a fan with three speeds to cool you down.

If you're a senior, there's still a way to keep fit and a way to exercise in a safe way.Actually, recumbent bikes are one of the safest exercises for seniors and the greatest feature is that you can exercise inside your home.

However, that doesn't mean that you won't get as much as exercise as other people. You still will be able to keep your whole body fit. A recumbent bike isn't only used by seniors, but by people of any age all around the world.

Keep in mind, exercise doesn't need to be expensive.

1. Exerpeutic 900XL - Best Recumbent Bike under $200

900xl bikeOne of the cheapest ways to keep fit as a senior is Exerpeutic 900XL recumbent bike. It has all the necessary options to keep fit as a senior, including an adjustable tension magnetic control which is very important for seniors to be able to adjust their work out sessions to their pace.

For seniors who have problems reading, big LCD screen will keep you up to date with all the necessary details you might want to know such as heart rate.It’s going to be very easy to read off the screen during working out.It doesn’t require a lot of space, and it weighs around 300 lbs.

Heavy-duty construction will keep you safe and a soft padded seat will make you comfortable even during the longest work out sessions.

You will get a manufacturer’s warranty included once your purchase a recumbent bike.

What User liked

  • Adjustable seat that goes up to six feet.
  • Bright and large LCD displays.
  • Comfort and awesome design.
  • Good Heart rate sensors.

What User not liked

  • Takes a few hours to build alone

2. Schwinn 270 Bike - Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors of 2017

schwinn 270If you are very serious about working out, Schwinn 270 recumbent bike might be a very good choice if you aren’t on a very tight budget.It comes with more features than basic low budget recumbent bikes do. You will have a two dual track LCD screens with a backlit so you can read the necessary information even in the dark.

There’s also a goal tracking feature which is going to make your exercises more fun but it’s also a great feature for competitive seniors who like to beat their stats.If you’re a tech-savvy, you will be able to connect your smartphone with the Schwinn recumbent bike through a Bluetooth connection.

25 levels of controlled resistance and 29 programs will give you a wide range of exercise programs. There’s an option to save your wanted settings so you can use them again later by simply pressing two buttons.

What User liked

  • 9 heart rate program also available custom setting.
  • USB & Bluetooth connectivity to Nautilus app
  • Equipped with all kinds of modern features.
  • Dual track two LCD window system.

What User not liked

  • Water bottle is not so conveniently placed

3. Health Fitness Magnetic - Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Seniors

Health Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike for SeniorsFor every senior out there that don’t believe that there is an exercise bike for seniors, Health Fitness Magnetic will prove you different.It’s a recumbent bike which is been made to fit seniors especially, but it can be used by anyone in general.

Fast recumbent bike with magnetic 8-level resistance system will make sure that any senior can adapt to the recumbent bike more easily. LCD display will keep track of the information such as distance, speed, hand pulse, time, and even calories burned.

Seniors who don’t work out because of the pain will find a relieve with this recumbent exercise bike. It has the adjustable frame to adjust feet to pedals distance, but you will also be able to adjust tension, seat, and the straps for achieving best comfort possible.This exercise bike isn’t too big, so you will be able to fit it anywhere.

A recumbent bike is a great way to keep fit even when you don't feel like going out for an exercise.It's a great way to keep fit during the winter and many people do it, including athletes as well.

Also, it's one of the cheapest ways to keep fit inside your home, without having a need to share it with anyone like you would have to in the gym. That can be considered as a luxury.

Exercise bikes aren't big and heavy, which is great because they can fit anywhere.

1. Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 - Desk station Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Semi-Recumbent Exercise BikeLack of time is one of the most common reasons why people don’t exercise.With the Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 desk station, you won’t have any excuse anymore.It’s an exercise bike which allows you to do your work during your exercise sessions. It has a sliding desk which is adjustable.

You will be able to use your laptop and even go over your work files during your work out sessions. It might not be an efficient workout, however, if you really don’t have time for exercise – this is still a great way to get some.

Working out through 8 different magnetic resistance levels, sitting in a comfortable thick airsoft seat is still a great option.If you don’t have a lot of space around, it’s not a problem because you will be able to fold it and store it away anytime.

2. Exerpeutic 400XL - Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Home under $200

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent BikeEven if you have a big home, you may feel like you are constantly lacking some free space. If you really want to have a recumbent bike, but you don’t have enough space – it’s not a problem with the Exerpeutic 400XL exercise bike.It’s a foldable compact exercise bike with a quiet transmission so you won’t even have to worry about disturbing your family members or even neighbors.

It might be compact, but it still has all the necessary features including an LCD screen with your work out stats.The design is a semi-recumbent construction design which makes it foldable, yet it still is very comfortable thanks to the large cushion and backrest.

You will also get a PVC equipment mat to protect your floor against scratches and noise, which is waterproof and it’s a great piece of equipment worth having to save you from trouble.

What User liked

  • Multi-utility: You can use the attached tray table to place your laptop as well.
  • You can fold it and carry it with you anywhere without any difficulty
  • The fitness bike is a compact one.
  • This bike is easy entry & exit

What User not liked

  • Some of customer give negative review for Flywheel malfunctions problem
  • Unsuitable for tall people

3. Schwinn 230 - Best Recumbent Bikes for Home use 2017

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

If you have a lot of space and you aren’t on a very tight budget I’d always suggest you go for a Schwinn 230 recumbent bike.It’s one of the best home bikes out there and it’s equipped with a lot of features.

You will have a dual LED LCD screen with a backlight to keep your exercises interesting and more motivating once you know your stats such as speed, distance, time spent, and even calories burnt. There is a total of 13 stats which can be shown on the screen.

Goal tracking feature will let you export the data. There are 22 fitness programs and 20 levels of resistance, which is way more than what usual recumbent bikes have. You will never have to think about a workout plan yourself.

You will be able to charge your phone through the USB port which is integrated inside the recumbent bike.

What User liked

  • Excellent multi-tiered warranties give great protection from defective parts and malfunctions.
  • High profile background of the manufacturer can give you a lot of confidence.
  • This bike is heart rate monitoring system on handlebar grips.
  • This is a good bike for a cardio workout.

What User not liked

  • Uncomfortable  for someone

Being a short person can have its advantages, but also disadvantages.If you have maybe tried a recumbent bike before, but you were too short for it - don't get discouraged. Maybe the recumbent bike wasn't set up for your height properly.

There are recumbent bikes which have a construction that is adjustable to fit from the shortest to the tallest people. It's great if you want to purchase a recumbent bike as a gift or for a family house.

Just take a look at one of the best recumbent bikes for short people down below.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Bike

Sunny_Health & Fitness_Folding_Recumbent_BikeSunny Health might have one of the cheapest recumbent bikes out there, but definitely not the worst ones.

It’s pink as well which might match girls who are short but still want to work out using the recumbent bike.

It has all the features like any other exercise bike such as adjustable magnetic resistance system, and display with goal tracking information such as time, speed, distance, and calories.

The seat is made to be adjustable so it can fit even to the shortest people out there, but it can be also used by tall people at the same time.

Cushioned seat and seat back will make sure that you enjoy your work out sessions, no matter how long they are.

It has a foldable frame which is convenient for people who don’t have a lot of space and would prefer to store the bike away.

What User liked

  • The eight levels of resistance make it a good quality bike for exercising at home. Home exercises do not require high levels of intensity.
  • This bike is very easy to install as well as to use. Any person with a basic knowledge of mechanics can assemble the bike.
  • The bike has a compact design in all respects.
  • This bike is safe while use it.

What User not liked

  • Seat is uncomfortable

2. Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLR - Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic GOLD 525XLRIf you need a recumbent bike with a heavy-duty construction, Gold 525XLR might be the right choice for yourself.It can hold up to 400 lbs of weight, and the durable steel frame will handle it with no problems or whatsoever.

There are standard 8 levels of magnetic resistance to meet everyone’s fitness level, and it’s going to be easy to read your stats on a big LCD display. LCD will display stats such as distance, time, speed, calories, and even pulse including an odometer.

A seat is a thing that makes this recumbent bike adjustable to everyone. By setting up the seat, people from 5’2″ up to 6’5″ will be able to exercise on this bike.

The semi-recumbent design makes it easy to get off the bike, but it also makes it easy to fold it and store it away.

3. Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent Bike If you are shorter but larger person, 1000 High Capacity recumbent bike might be the right choice for yourself.It has a wider seat extension to fit almost anyone, and it will give you a lot more comfortable than any other recumbent seat out there.

It has a magnetic resistance system with levels like any other recumbent bike out there, so you can adjust the resistance level you are comfortable with and work out from there.The seat is adjustable so it can fit even the shortest people out there, and believe me, it has been tested.

It might not be one of the cheapest exercise bikes out there, but it’s not on the pricey side either. It’s right in the middle to meet everyone’s budget.There’s a small LCD screen with stats and exercise programs which you can choose by pressing one of the three buttons on the screen.

# Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes of 2017

The recumbent bike is a great way to own in a gym, and it's almost a necessary thing people expect to see in fitness facilities. Exercise bikes which I mention below can be used anywhere, and they can be used for commercial purpose as well.

The most important thing when choosing a commercial recumbent bike is the quality, but that still doesn't mean that they need to be expensive to be good.You won't miss by going for any of the recumbent bikes listed below, as they've been tested and they're used all over the world.

1. NordicTrack Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike

NordicTrack Vr21NordicTrack Vr21 recumbent bike is really a great exercise bike for commercial use.It comes equipped with a lot of features which can’t be seen at cheaper models. There are 21 digital resistance levels instead of 8 magnetic resistance levels.

It has all the necessary options and information such as heart rate monitor which comes with a chest strap. Everything is easily controlled by a OneTouch controls.To make sure that you get most of your exercises, the iFit coach will help you through your exercises through a 5″ LCD display.

If you get hot during your exercises, AutoBreeze fan with three different speeds will cool you down. There are 32 workout apps so you won’t have to think about the exercise plan ever again.You will get a lifetime warranty frame which only proves the build quality and 2-year limited time warranty on all the parts.

2. Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series If you want a simple yet commercial recumbent bike, Precor RBK 835 might be the best bike for you.It might be a simple exercise bike, however, it still is equipped with a lot of features. There is a high-ventilation in the air flex seat and a specially designed system which allows you to move your seat back all the way to the back, so people of any height will fit and feel comfortable.

Step-through design has a low step-over height so even the shortest people or kids will be able to use the exercise bike easily.The big LCD screen is a touchscreen and it has heart rate monitoring which is a very important thing to pay attention to while working out.

Wide pedals are great to be used without the pedal straps for people who prefer to use it without the straps.

3. Precor RBK 615 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Cycle

Precor RBK 615 Commercial Series

Precor RBK is 615 is similar to 835 model, yet it has some major differences.The difference is that the pedals are dual sided for a change, and you will be able to customize them the way you want, or even add a different type of pedals.

There are also six different workout presets including manual, interval, heart rate control, weight loss, random, and hill.Built-in touch sensor will help you monitor your heart rate during your exercises more easily, which comes with a Polar compatible wireless chest strap.

Construction wise is pretty similar to the 835 model and at the first sight, you might not notice the difference. But after some time working out on each model, you will see the advantages of each model.

There’s also a lifetime warranty, and a 10 year limited warranty on all body parts.

Upright is very similar to the recumbent bike, however, both of them has its advantages, but also disadvantages.

The recumbent bike has a body through the frame which allows your body to adjust to it more, which gives you better stability and a better comfort.

With upright, you might be able to achieve everything you are able to do on a "recumbent bike" however, you won't have the back support which might lead to back injuries.

While you have to pay extra attention to your back, there for you might be losing extra energy. That's one of the upright disadvantages.

There is a difference between the leg bending angle as well. When you are using the recumbent bike, your knee angle after each pedal stroke should be around 90 degrees, while the leg should be between 10 and 15 degrees.

When using an upright stationary bike, your knee bending angle after each stroke should be between 25 and 35 degrees. On an upright bike, you will also have to pay attention that the knee is in line with a center of the pedals.

In my opinion, a recumbent bike is a lot easier to use with more benefits. It can be used by older people and younger people without any problems or risk of injuries. On the other hand, the upright bike is a good thing, however, it's harder to use and there's a risk of the back injuries. People with back injuries won't be able to use it.

What Are The Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

There are many benefits of recumbent bikes which people don't even realize.

One of the best benefits would be that it's easier on the lower back for a difference than an upward bike. Due to the way you sit on a bike, there isn't a risk of injuring your back, and you won't need to spend extra energy to hold your back in the right position during your exercise.

The seat on the recumbent bikes is larger so it provides more comfort than other types of stationary bikes.

The third most important benefit is that it's very safe and even seniors can keep their body in a shape without worrying about having their body injured.

The recumbent bike has pedals in front of the body instead of under the body. Due to the low impact on recumbent bikes, it reduces the risk of pain in knees, bones, and joints. It can also build strength more efficiently.

Bikes such as recumbent exercise bikes are stationary bikes which of course have moving parts inside, and nothing can go wrong as they're precisely made.

One of the other benefits which always come in handy is that recumbent bikes are equipped with a lot of features, and the pricey the exercise is - the better features it will have.

There are recumbent bikes with speakers, Bluetooth connection, USB ports to charge your phone, and even there is a recumbent bike which allows you to work out and do your work on a laptop at the same time.

How Many Calories Are Burned On a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

If you are worried about weight loss, and you want to maximize the calories loss - you might have wondered how many calories can be burned on a recumbent exercise bike.

No matter if you choose an upright bike or a recumbent exercise bike - the good news is that the recumbent exercise bike will be a little bit more efficient than the upright bike.

But to be successful with your weight loss, you will need to have the main goal and a training program with which one you will be to achieve the wanted results.

Good thing is that many recumbent exercise bikes come with bigger LCD screens with a lot of data and information which might help you to lose weight more efficiently. There are also different training programs to choose from.

Some recumbent bikes come with the coach feature called iFit which will give you the ability to choose from many different training goals to meet any goal you have in your mind.

Answer on how many calories you can burn on the recumbent bike depends on two main factors. How long was your exercise and which intensity level was it done at?

For example, for a 30-minute exercise at a moderate intensity level, you will be able to lose around 300 calories. Include some other cardio exercises and you have a perfect training to achieve your weight loss goals.

Some Important Things to Consider Before Buying Best Exercise Recumbent Bike 2017


The recumbent bikes are really very amazing for exercising and they provide a wide range of features like as increased safety, comfortable seats, easy braking, wide angle view, comfort for obese people, increased speed and a lot of health benefits too. Recumbent exercise bike remain lots of good features you may see our recumbent exercise bike reviews.


The recumbent bikes are really very amazing for exercising and they provide a wide range of features like as increased safety, comfortable seats, easy braking, wide angle view, comfort for obese people, increased speed and a lot of health benefits too. Recumbent exercise bike remain lots of good features you may see our recumbent exercise bike reviews.


The recumbent exercise bike is equipped with a number of parts and accessories to make these bikes really wonderful. such as, the bikes have parts such as high seat adapter, seat fabric, rubber seat boot, seat cushion, lower/middle quick release seat lever, body link seat, bottom quick release seat clamps, further forward and backward bracket for short and tall riders. These are usually the basic components of a best recumbent bike 2017.


There are a number of things which you must look out for while buying your recumbent exercise bike. You should look out for preset workout modes, advanced LCD display which shows on-going heart rate, speed etc. you may also look out for comfort of the bikes, versatility, price level, space etc depending on your needs.


There are lots of models of best recumbent bikes under many price ranges. the cheapest ones usually start from under $500.They are good enough to carry out usual homely workouts as well as intense too. On the other hand, there are some models which are really very expensive and are really equipped with the most advanced technology. These start from over $150 upto $1500. But most of the amazing models belong to the under $500category. There are a selected few number of best recumbent bikes of 2017 over $500 which are also suitable for professional workouts too.


The important factors, which every purchaser should make sure when buying a product, are the types of recumbent bikes they prefer for themselves. The above-mentioned list is the best of the lot; but, it is important for the people to decide their exact choice.

The other important factor is checking the purchased bike before clearing the payment and signing the amount. A testing out of the model is very important to make sure no defect is found before finalizing the product.

Your money is very valuable and we will always wish that you receive the complete satisfaction after purchasing one of these exercise machines.Please first read our recumbent bike reviews and then your make your own decision to buy a Best Recumbent Exercise Bike 2017

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