How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps (4 Easy Way)

When riding an exercise bike, it might not be easy to determine the steps that you would
have taken. That is because, with the machine, it can be stationary. You cannot know the
distance that you have covered. It is, therefore, necessary to convert bike miles to steps.

The conversion procedure can be challenging for many people to do, and hence this article
comes in to guide you. It has all the information that you need to know about the task. To
understand more, please read through it.

Things That You Will Require To Convert The Miles To Steps.

  • A pencil.
  • An exercise bike.
  • A piece of paper.
  • A calculator.
  • A tape measure.

What is The Procedure For Converting The Miles To Steps?

Initially, people used to calculate the daily steps that they take by the use of a pedometer.
However, that cannot be possible when using an exercise bike. The simple way to approach
this is by recording the calories that you burn.

The information will be useful in calculating these steps. In short, one mile is approximately
one‐hundred calories. One hundred calories are equivalent to two‐thousand levels.

First step.

Stand on the floor with your feet apart. Take a twelve‐inch tape and place it before your toes.
Move forward ten steps and put your feet together. Place another tape measure in front of
your toes.

Second step.

Take the measurements between these two tapes. Divide the outcome by ten to get the
average length of the stride. Assuming that you walk for thirty meters, then the measurement
will be 30/10 equals 3 feet.

Third step.

Note down the miles that you covered on the exercise bike. Depending on your answer,
multiply it by 5,280, and you will get the number of feet for the exercise. Assuming that you
did two miles today, then multiply it by 5,280. That will be 10,560 feet.

Fourth step.

It is now time to convert the feet to steps. You will divide the answer above by the one in the
second step. That is 10,560/3 to give you 3,520. It will mean that you have taken three
thousand, five hundred, and twenty levels today! That will be the same amount of distance on
an exercise bike.

The above answer is almost accurate because you are using the actual figures that you wrote

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How Many Revolutions Equal To a Step in an Exercise Bike?

In most cases, the elliptical upright exercise bike will show you the distance or revolutions that
you cover when you cycle. Subject the figure the formula in steps one to four above.

If the bike does not display, then there are other ways to figure out how to determine the

The diameter of the wheel can also aid in the calculation of the steps per revolution. Here, you
will measure the radius and subject it to the pi formula ﴾3.142﴿. Multiply the radius by two to
get the diameter of the wheel.

To get the circumference, multiply the diameter by the pi *﴾3.142﴿ standard unit. Assuming
that the diameter is 20 centimeters, the measurement will be 20×3.142 to give you 62.84

If you make one hundred revolutions, you will multiply this by the circumference of 62.84 to
get 6,284 centimeters.

A word of caution!

It is worth noting that not all bikes have the correct calibrations, and hence what is in the
display might not be right. If your machine is of high quality, then it will be more accurate
than the low‐value ones. So when buying one, you should also make this consideration.

How Many Calories By Cycling For One Mile?

It depends on the intensity or the energy that you use to turn on the wheels. The time you take to complete a mile on an exercise bike will also determine the number of calories burned.

Supposing you take twenty minutes to complete a mile while cycling, a person weighing 160 pounds will burn approximately two hundred calories. However, it is an approximation with a small margin of error, but with an almost similar outcome.

Can a Stationary Bike Count Steps?

Yes, a stationary bike can count steps. However, not all might not have this capability. When you want to buy one, then ensure that you get one that can serve the purpose. As a rule, always remember that if the bike is of low quality, then the data it displays might not be very accurate. That means it could be counting the wrong number of steps!

How Many Steps is Equivalent To Cycling?

It is equivalent to 220 steps per minute approximately. Alternatively, it is about 13,200 steps per hour. That means if you cycle continuously for sixty minutes, you would have covered such a great distance!

How Long Does it Take To Ride a Stationary Bike One Mile?

It takes about six minutes to cover one mile on a stationary bike. However, the speed of cycling will determine the time you will take to accomplish the distance. If you go at a volume of 10mph, you should be able to hit that target. A higher one will take you less time to complete the mile range.

Is it Right To Ride a Stationary Bike Daily?

Walking will make you burn fewer calories than when cycling. The reason is that with a bike, the exercise is more vigorous and involving. On the contrary, walking will be lighter, and hence less activity happens in the body system.

I would advise you to do a one‐hour bike ride every day to burn more calories and to remain fit.


To convert exercise bike miles to steps, extract data from the machine, or even from your
walking. Subject the data to the standard formulas, and you will derive the answer you intend
to achieve.

I would warn you that not all displays of these bikes are accurate, especially if the machine is
of low quality!

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