Mercel Maurer Peloton Instructor- Biography, Age, Facts and Family

Mercel Maurer was born on July 13th, 1952 in Switzerland. His father worked for the Swiss Post Office. When he was young, he loved to ride bikes. He started competing in bicycle races when he was only fourteen years old. At that time, he had already been training for three years

He won many races and became one of the best cyclists in Europe. But, after retiring from racing, he decided to become a teacher instead. He opened his own bike shop in Geneva, and since then, he has taught hundreds of students all over the world.

Full NameMercel Maurer
Birth DateJuly 13th, 1952
Birth PlaceSwitzerland
EducationGraduated from the University of Lausanne in mechanical engineering.
Weight185 pounds
Marital statusMarried
Net worth $10 million
Social mediaFacebook,Twitter.

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Mercel Maurer Biography

Mercel Maurer was born in Switzerland in 1952. At age 14, he began riding bicycles professionally. He competed in many races throughout Europe and even won some. However, due to financial problems, he retired from racing in 1976.

After retirement, he decided to teach cycling instead. He opened his first bike shop in Geneva, Switzerland in 1985. Since then, he has taught thousands of students all around the globe.

Family Background

Maurer grew up in a very athletic family. Both of his parents played tennis competitively. They would take their kids to play tennis whenever they could. As a child, Maurer spent hours playing sports outdoors.

Body Measurements

As a teenager, Maurer stood 5’10”. When he turned 30, he weighed 185 pounds. He had a muscular build and was strong. He still looks fit today

Career History

In 1984, Maurer moved to California to open his first bike store. He worked there until 1990. During this time, he met his wife, who helped him run the business. She later quit her job to work full-time with him.

Since then, Maurer has continued to grow his business. He now owns three stores in the United States. He also runs a training center in Santa Clarita, California.

Education Background

Maurer graduated from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland in 1975 with a degree in mechanical engineering. He went on to earn a master’s degree in physical education in 1982.

Favourite activity

His favourite activity is cycling. He loves to ride long distances, especially during summertime. In addition, he enjoys watching sports such as tennis, skiing, swimming, and running.

Training Style in PELOTON

In order to train efficiently, Mercel Maurer uses two types of exercises. One is called “peloton”, which means group exercise. The second one is called “interval”. Both of them are very effective ways to improve cardiovascular endurance.

They involve short bursts of intense effort followed by periods of recovery. These exercises are done on stationary bikes, but there are also outdoor versions.

Personal life

Maurer is married to his wife, Livia, who helps him run his company. Together, they have four children.

Net worth

Maurer’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million dollars. He owns two homes in Switzerland, one in Geneva and another in Lugano. He also owns a car dealership in Geneva.

Mercel Maurer facts you didn’t know

Maurer holds a degree in physical education from the University of Zurich. He speaks five languages fluently. These include English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. He has written two books on cycling. One is titled “Cycling Made Easy.” The other book is titled “How To Ride A Bike Like A Pro.”

Social media

Maurer uses social media platforms like Facebook to interact with his followers. He posts pictures of himself riding his bike and shares inspirational quotes

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